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Monday, 11 June 2012

A day in London


The South Row of The Piazza, Covent Garden

Like millions of other people we watched the Queens Diamond Jubilee celebrations on the television, and thoroughly enjoyed it. I have said this before, only the UK could put on a show like that. Sadly the weather was not at all nice, but that is nothing unusual…!


Admiralty Arch looking towards The Mall


The Mall with Buckingham Palace in the distance.


A closer view of Buckingham Palace. this was taken on zoom with my camera, from way back down the Mall, I am quite pleased with the way it turned out.


The Union flags Smile

We decided to go and see Alice in London last Wednesday, and although the celebrations were over I wanted to see the Mall while all the flags were still up. The Mall was closed to traffic as there were numerous lorries clearing up, it was nice being able to walk in the middle of the road for once! Lots of other people must have had the same idea as us, but then any June day in London is going to be busy. Alice is suffering from a broken toe so we didn’t walk all the way down the Mall, we went into St James’ Park instead and watched the ducks, and the silly, friendly squirrels.


Troops rehearsing on Horse Guards  Parade for a display on Wednesday evening.


The fountain in St James’ Park


I had never noticed these before, a lovely memorial Smile


Admiralty Arch from The Mall

From there we walked to Covent Garden, a favourite place with all the family. As usual it was really busy there, the street acts were great, and Alice and I left my husband and son watching them and went to the bead shop…via the The Tea House, where we both bought some Strawberry and Cream tea, which is lovely Smile


By the lake in St. James’ Park



As you can see from the photos the weather was variable, luckily we were in a cafe when it really rained. We all had a great day, Alice is home now for a month, then she jets off to China again for two months – jealous, me?? You bet I am, but she won’t smuggle me in her suitcase, so I will just have to give her a very long shopping list lol


Very tame and very scatty squirrels!



While a pigeon looks on very bemused!

Its back to work tomorrow after over a week off, I am hoping that our next weeks holiday in July will have better weather than last week, I hope someone somewhere is seeing some sunshine Smile


The replica ‘Eleanor’ cross outside Charing Cross station, where the name Charing Cross came from.


Nelson on top of his column.