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Sunday, 29 September 2013

Walmer Castle, fungi and computer problems.

I will start with the computer problems, I have used a laptop for a number of years but it was showing distinct signs of old age. About a month ago both of the USB ports broke which made life awkward to say the least. My hard drive connects to the laptop with an USB connection…and all my photos are stored on there. They are also backed up on disc but the disc drive was playing up too! Time for a new laptop, which I am working on just now. Unfortunately there are a few small problems and the laptop is being returned on Tuesday, hopefully when the problem is sorted out I will be back in full swing!

Back in August my friend Pauline and I took Pauline’s 6 year old Granddaughter who is called Chloe to Walmer Castle for a picnic. Chloe and I are good friends, so we decided to take our teddies to the picnic too. I went armed with my Panda who is called Poppy and Chloe took the teddy I bought for her when her baby brother was born. I also had a beautiful large black and white toy cat for Chloe, which was a present from my daughter. It was a beautiful sunny day, the picnic was lovely, then we set off to walk through the woods, being very careful that we didn’t disturb the Gruffalo as we went! We also looked for Fairy Holes, left presents for the fairies and generally had as much fun as one six year old and two adults acting like 6 year olds can have Smile

Pauline discovered the amazing fungi, and some wild strawberries hiding in the undergrowth, all in all we had a really lovely day which we completed with a large ice cream, eaten sitting on the pier Smile