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Monday, 25 May 2015

Swans and Cygnets

As promised in my last blog here are the photos of the swans who live in Russell Gardens and Kearsney Abbey. I love swans and was lucky enough on my first visit to the gardens to see a pair of swans doing the preliminaries of their mating dance. It was so beautiful to watch, and the swans were just oblivious to all the people around them. Surprisingly the people weren’t watching the swans either!

There are two swans in the photo above, they were dipping their heads in perfect synchronization.

It was so beautiful to watch the Swan ‘dance’

After watching these swans for quite a while I went over to the area known as Bushy Ruff, this swan was on his own and obviously did not have a mate this year.

The following photos were taken about a month later than those above, the swans are now proud parents to five cygnets. Again it was lovely to see the little family enjoying the sun in Russell Gardens.

The clutch of cygnets, I would rather call them a ‘cuddle’ of cygnets!!

A beautiful little family.

Below are a few photos of another pair of swans, this time on the Kearsney Abbey lake, they only had one cygnet, but this one was only a day old. So lovely to see all the swans and their families Smile

Cygnets are just so cute.

A very proud Dad, making quite a splash Smile

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Kearsney Abbey and Russell Gardens, Dover, Kent

This blog and the one to follow is made up of photos taken on two visits to Kearsney Abbey and Russell Gardens, the first visit was just after Easter and the second visit four weeks later in May. I have decided to join the two visits together to show the changes in just one month.

Lovely to see families enjoying this beautiful place.


Ducklings, photos taken a month apart Smile

Spring daffodils.


So calm by the water in the first photo, and lovely Flag Irises in the second photo.

A beautiful goose resting in the shade.

I wonder where this doorway led to?



The lake in Russell Gardens.

Moorhen chicks, Russell Gardens

This tree has been growing at this angle for a long time.

The next blog will be of the swans, again two visits, some lovely photos to come if you like swans Smile

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Spring flowers

I have been looking through my photos and decided to share some of my photos of Spring Flowers. The photos have been taken over the last couple of months, it is so lovely to see colour in the gardens after the Winter.




Hellebore and Crocus

Tiny, dainty daffodils in my garden Smile


Primroses and Flag Iris

Poppy Open-mouthed smile


Display of Primulas and Bluebells

Pink Camellia



Primula and Camellia

The heart of a Tulip.