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Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Spring flowers

I have been looking through my photos and decided to share some of my photos of Spring Flowers. The photos have been taken over the last couple of months, it is so lovely to see colour in the gardens after the Winter.




Hellebore and Crocus

Tiny, dainty daffodils in my garden Smile


Primroses and Flag Iris

Poppy Open-mouthed smile


Display of Primulas and Bluebells

Pink Camellia



Primula and Camellia

The heart of a Tulip.


  1. Beautiful :o) Spring is always so gorgeous after a long winter, isn't it ? Let's hope there are some lovely things to see when we hit Walmer Castle today, eh ? :o) See you at 10am !! :o)

  2. We had a lovely morning didn't we? :) I have planted my Poppy and shifted a few more weeds from the garden, it is cup of tea time now :) See you both in a couple of weeks xx