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Saturday, 21 July 2012

Poppies and Roses


My favourite rose, growing in my garden, it is a real beauty, although it does not have any scent.

My daughter asked me a couple of weeks ago which flowers were my favourites? My first answer was poppies, followed closely by roses, but to be honest there are so many wonderful flowers it is difficult really just to pick one or two. However the question did make me think of the many photos I have taken in my garden and elsewhere this year, so as a celebration of summer (even a very wet one like ours has been), I thought I would share some photos with you all, hopefully they will brighten up your day Smile


I get a great many of these yellow poppies in my garden every year, so bright and cheerful.




The four photos above were taken in Sandwich – I think!!



‘Pauls Scarlet’ climbing rose in my garden which sadly blew down in the high winds we have had recently – it will survive and hopefully will be in flower next year.


My favourite poppies, photo taken in Rye last month.


A small poppy but such a lovely colour, from my garden.



The poppies in my garden blew over too..


This one is so pretty Smile


So is this one! I didn’t realize I had such a variety growing in my garden!


And to finish with, I found this one growing in Walmer Castle grounds Smile



Wednesday, 4 July 2012

The ‘Matthew’ ship and St Clements Church, Sandwich


The Matthew

Firstly I must apologize for not getting round to anyone’s pages, my daughter has been home for the last month and is now getting ready to fly back to China next week for 2 months (I am very jealous!!) so we have just been enjoying all being together Smile




The Crows nest

The ‘Matthew’ ship took part in the Queens Golden Jubilee on the River Thames last month, then it sailed down the Thames and round to Sandwich, where it stayed for 3 days, so of course we had to go and have a look, it is a replica medieval ship based on a vessel originally built in 1497 which John Cabot sailed across the Atlantic. It apparently had 18 crew, which  having seen the ship is very surprising as it is very small!


Below deck


The wooden rudder


On deck, the children loved it.


Decorated with flags

It is really lovely to be able to look round something like this, it does make you realize how daring the early explorers were. Whilst it was moored in Sandwich we had real high winds, the ship was torn from its mooring and the crew had to tie the mast to a nearby tree to stop it from keeling over! The wind also destroyed part of the garden wall at the Library, but that is another story!





My husband and I enjoyed visiting the Matthew, from there we visited St. Clements Church, the Parish Church of Sandwich. I have been there before and taken photos (of course) but I am so pleased we visited again this time because of the magnificent Crown hanging in the main aisle, which was made of flowers. Well done to whoever made the crown, it was a very fitting tribute for the Jubilee.




A ceiling boss


The Lecturn