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Saturday, 21 July 2012

Poppies and Roses


My favourite rose, growing in my garden, it is a real beauty, although it does not have any scent.

My daughter asked me a couple of weeks ago which flowers were my favourites? My first answer was poppies, followed closely by roses, but to be honest there are so many wonderful flowers it is difficult really just to pick one or two. However the question did make me think of the many photos I have taken in my garden and elsewhere this year, so as a celebration of summer (even a very wet one like ours has been), I thought I would share some photos with you all, hopefully they will brighten up your day Smile


I get a great many of these yellow poppies in my garden every year, so bright and cheerful.




The four photos above were taken in Sandwich – I think!!



‘Pauls Scarlet’ climbing rose in my garden which sadly blew down in the high winds we have had recently – it will survive and hopefully will be in flower next year.


My favourite poppies, photo taken in Rye last month.


A small poppy but such a lovely colour, from my garden.



The poppies in my garden blew over too..


This one is so pretty Smile


So is this one! I didn’t realize I had such a variety growing in my garden!


And to finish with, I found this one growing in Walmer Castle grounds Smile




  1. they really are beautiful! i love roses, but poppies have just as much variety, it seems! i like the coral colored blooms you showed.

  2. great photos of your lovely garden, well done


  3. Wonderful flowers and I love the Roses. Roses are one of my favorite flowers.

  4. Hi Val, I've been trying to get my blog linked up to FB as yours is, but don't know if I've succeeded, Anyhow it made me stop and check out your blog, and my word what beautiful photos, I do love the one of the red poppies looking through the fence, , but they are all so lovely, I tried growing poppies but had no luck, they just disappeared, ! I have a few roses and used to have Paul's Scarlet, but they're such prickly beggars, it puts me off a bit, even my Iceberg which is supposed to be thornless, pricked me this morning when I dead headed it.

  5. I just Love poppies Val so light and delicate , the yellow one is Beautiful. Beautiful post love the Roses to.
    Sheila xx

  6. Poppies so full of life,so vibrant! But i have to confess, roses are sooooooo beautiful! Great photos :)

  7. Hi Poppy thank you for your visit can't seem to reply in my comments.The front garden Hydies are turning pink, and I can't remember what soil we have here. There two types , but they do very well every year.
    Hugs Sheila it will come to me and I will let you know. xx