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Sunday, 5 August 2012

Fowlmead and a Ham Sandwich


I think some of you will remember my visiting Fowlmead last year, in January. Fowlmead is a country park which has been created on the tip that was left from Betteshanger Colliery. I remarked on my last blog that I thought the park would improve over time.




On Wednesday I re-visited the park with my lovely friends Pat, Shaun, Kris, Steve and their 2 grandchildren. We met up about 9.30am, only to find that Shaun’s motorized scooter simply was not going to play and totally refused to start! Not a good start, but we all repaired to the cafe for a cuppa and to have a think. Shaun spotted a notice saying the park rents out disabled bikes, so we inquired and Shaun thought he would be ok on a hand pedalled bike, which he was, so off we all went. I have to say he did amazingly well, although I understand his poor back and arms were very sore the next day.




I took an almost identical shot to this last time I was here.

We set off towards the lake, then Pat and I both got our cameras out, and soon we had been left behind by the others. We had a lovely time looking at the views, the wild flowers and talking to the trees – that was Pat, but only because I told her to go and ask the tree how old it was….. we giggled a lot as you can imagine. We happily snapped away for a while, then thought maybe we ought to catch the others up. Pat said I nearly got her lost, but I didn’t really….well ok, I admit I need a sat nav. fitted to me, but we found the others without too much trouble and made our way back to the visitors centre. I think I can safely say we all had a really lovely couple of hours, hopefully we will do it again soon, provided we can all run fast enough to keep up with Shaun that is!!




These seed heads were so soft to touch..Pat and I now call these ‘Teddy Bear shaving bushes’  Smile

Just to finish off the blog, I knew this signpost existed somewhere, I have actually driven round trying to find it with no luck. Wednesday evening my friend and I were on our way to the pub, when she spotted the sign!! I was really pleased, so at last here is my photo of Ham Sandwich!!


  1. the signage is cute. :) love all the blooms and those thistles. sounds like a great day.

  2. It WAS a fab morning, wasn't it ? :o) Unfortunately, Shaun is still suffering. His arms are OK, but his back is really bad. He says the bike would have been better if the hand pedals were like foot pedals, you use one arm at a time - left, right, left, right - rather than both arms at the same time. That's what's caused the problem :o( Hopefull, in a few weeks time, he'll be feeling better & we can do it again, but he thinks he's better off with his scooter.

  3. Wild and Wonderful and very pretty , I just love wild flowers. That sign post is just great! Thanks for sharing your lovely day Poppy.
    Sheila xx



  5. Hopefully Shaun will be OK it looks like you had a great time I aim to give the bike a go when we next go, we only went for the first timme on Sunday so I have pretty much the same piccies as you other than the teddies shaving bushes.. I talked to the trees so you are not the only daft ones and I talked to the teasels and a bee that was climbing all over one without impailing itself on the spikes.

  6. forgot to say I like Ham Sandwich I had one for lunch.

  7. How could I have missed the ham sandwich - glad I looked back.