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Saturday, 11 August 2012

Medieval Fayre, Sandwich, Kent.


Me in the stocks..


..so Alice had to go in them too! Open-mouthed smile

Back in June my daughter Alice and I went to the Medieval Fayre held just outside Sandwich. Driving into work the previous few days I had seen the beautiful striped tents going up in a field, so we had to go and see what it was all about. The Fayre was held next to a farm shop on the outskirts of the town. It was a lovely sunny day, and we were greeted by the slightly scary man standing by the stocks. My daughter would not go into the stocks until I went first!! I would not like to be stuck in those for very long, but it was a great start to a lovely afternoon.


Girls working on a tapestry.


Medieval food, it looked lovely.


Cooking utensils.

There was a lot going on in the Fayre, cooking demonstrations, singing and dancing in the arena, stalls selling weapons, beautiful leather goods, jewellery, and numerous other craft stalls. A lot of thought and preparation had obviously gone into the fayre, and Alice and I had a lovely time.


Playing a musical instrument, I love the sound of medieval music.


Musical instruments.


After wandering around for some time we decided to get some food, so we made our way to the barn, where hot dogs and burgers were being cooked. We got there just in time to buy the last two sausages for the hot dogs, they were delicious, as were the large pieces of cake and big mugs of tea that went with them Smile


Loading the guns.


Getting ready to fire.

This event takes place every two years, I will be going again, I wonder who I can get into the stocks next time??? Ha ha. 


Singing in the arena.


  1. Looks like so much fun! Love how Alice is still carrying her bag even when in the stocks haha...

    1. Hi Tash :) Thanks for leaving a comment. You know Alice, she is very attached to her bag lol Hope you are keeping well x

  2. they hold renaissance festivals here every year, but yours looks more authentic than those in the states. :)

  3. Here in Kirkcudbright everyone in the annual medieval fair looks a little clean - I bit of a rub down with a piglet before hand would add to the authenticity (it might also keep me away). The chap guarding the stocks looks more like the real thing.
    We always seem to have things a little out of the period too, from too early Romans to too late in history appearance of the sealed knot. It is of course acceptable for introduce big mugs of tea into any period of history no matter how early.

  4. What fun Poppy , that tapestry looks amazing that is one thing I could never do. That large mug of tea and hot dog went down well I guess.Lovely day thank you for sharing.
    Hug Sheila xx

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  6. Looks good how long did they keep you in the stocks?

  7. dat lijkt mij heel leuk z,on happening met vrienden en bekenden.

  8. I hope no one pelted you with rotten fruit when you were in the stocks. LOL