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Saturday, 19 February 2011

Gargoyles, well water spouts really…..



Think he must have seen me when I first get out of bed in the morning…. lol

Just down the road is St Saviours Church, built in Victorian times for the fishermen of Walmer. I have walked past this church very many times, but have never spotted these gorgeous carvings before! I spotted this one so of course I had to walk all round the church to see what others there were.


I found lots of different carvings, so I will be looking skywards now to see what other gems I have missed on buildings.


Horrible day here, raining and cold, just right for staying in and catching up with some blogging, hope the weekend is going well for everyone Smile



I am not totally sure what sort of creatures these are meant to be, any suggestions?




Looking a bit worn and he has lost his drainpipe!


The King…


..and his Queen? These two are either side of the main window.

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Happy St. Valentines Day


Followers of my Live Space blog will recognize the photo, taken a couple of years ago. Its a genuine photo, totally unintended by the guy in the coffee shop, I have been in that coffee shop and had the same coffee many times, but have never got another heart!! I wish everyone a very Happy St. Valentines Day whatever you are doing Smile 


I have included a couple of beach photos for you, taken on a grey Saturday morning, the two boats used to sit side by side, I see they have been moved now, probably got fed up with me taking photos of them!!

IMG_0099ALobster Pots, they just looked good!!

Take care all xx

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

The full moon and Cross Stitch


Talk about differing subjects….the full moon photo is one I took back in January, I think its pretty good as I don’t have special lens or filters for my camera, it is just a straight forward photo of the moon taken from my garden, although I have altered the brightness and contrast a bit. It was also taken without a tripod, guess I have a steady hand!!


The cross stitch are two pieces I have finished this year, the banner I finally completed after working on it for two years…it should have been finished for my daughters 18th birthday, she is now nearly 20 – ooops! The banner will be going out to China with me in April when I go out to see my daughter and hopefully have the holiday of a lifetime Smile


The second piece is also one that has been promised for some time, as you can see the baby is nearly a year old now, I hope his mum and dad like it! Tigger especially turned out so lovely!


Sandwich in the late winter sunshine.




And some primroses to brighten your day Smile

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Fowlmead Country Park


One Sunday a few weeks back the sun was shining, time for a walk and give my camera some excercise..


The  view looking towards Thanet

Fowlmead Country Park was created on the site of the old slag heap that was left after Betteshanger Colliery was closed. It is situated between Deal and Sandwich (Kent) and, although it has been open for about 2 years I had never been for a look round.


It is a large park of about 200 acres, in places very pretty, although I think that it will improve over the next few years, when more trees and plants naturalize there. The views over to Thanet are wonderful, the walks are very easy going although it was a bit muddy in places when I went. Mostly the tarmac paths make the going very easy. There is also a visitor centre, a children’s play area, which was very popular, and a 2 mile tarmac cycle track. Its a great place to take children who want to ride their bikes in safety, I wish it had been open when our children were smaller!


Not the lake just proving how much rain we had earlier in the week!

I made my way down to the lakes, which were very pretty, and took a slow circular walk before heading back to the car. I will definitely go back there again in the summer, to explore fully. I thoroughly enjoyed the walk and getting some photos!


Looking towards the sea, the white blocks are caravans near the Chequers pub!

Look out for the gargoyles in the next blog….enjoy the photos Smile