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Saturday, 19 February 2011

Gargoyles, well water spouts really…..



Think he must have seen me when I first get out of bed in the morning…. lol

Just down the road is St Saviours Church, built in Victorian times for the fishermen of Walmer. I have walked past this church very many times, but have never spotted these gorgeous carvings before! I spotted this one so of course I had to walk all round the church to see what others there were.


I found lots of different carvings, so I will be looking skywards now to see what other gems I have missed on buildings.


Horrible day here, raining and cold, just right for staying in and catching up with some blogging, hope the weekend is going well for everyone Smile



I am not totally sure what sort of creatures these are meant to be, any suggestions?




Looking a bit worn and he has lost his drainpipe!


The King…


..and his Queen? These two are either side of the main window.


  1. Wow! Interesting! You made me laugh out loud on your comment on the first photo! :)

    Some of those are creepy. Some are sweet and odd. Those unknown creatures look like flying sheep? :)

  2. Correction - they must be mermaid sheep! :)

  3. Compared to the rest, the king and queen look as if they've maybe been replaces in recent years - they just look a bit freshed.

    A couple of years ago they turned up with a replacement gargoyle for one of the ones in the churh at Kirkcudbright, so it certainly happens.

  4. I think the unknown creatures look like mermaid sheep too lol! And Sandy, yes you are right, the king and queen do look a lot newer don't they? I will have to do some research into them I think :)

  5. LOL that first comment on your picture also made me laugh Poppy. And yes looks like a fish of some sort must mean something though. They do look as though have been freshend up as Sandy says. It's funny when I visited my birth town I noticed many sculptures high up wich I never really noticed before the morale of the story is... look up you never know what you might see.

  6. Hello Poppy, thanks for dropping by my blogger!
    Your blogger looks great with fantastic photos.
    A great reminder for us photo buffs to look up.. & all around for there is photo opportunity everywhere...

  7. Hi Poppy, haven't been round for a while, sorry
    nice post here, the suggestions, I'd say golphins or dolgoats, a cross between goats and dolphins. lol
    and the king an dqueen look like they've had a bit of a fright, with their pop eyes. though all the carvings look quite old.
    Just make sure there aren't any passing birds when you're looking up. Bye