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Saturday, 5 February 2011

Fowlmead Country Park


One Sunday a few weeks back the sun was shining, time for a walk and give my camera some excercise..


The  view looking towards Thanet

Fowlmead Country Park was created on the site of the old slag heap that was left after Betteshanger Colliery was closed. It is situated between Deal and Sandwich (Kent) and, although it has been open for about 2 years I had never been for a look round.


It is a large park of about 200 acres, in places very pretty, although I think that it will improve over the next few years, when more trees and plants naturalize there. The views over to Thanet are wonderful, the walks are very easy going although it was a bit muddy in places when I went. Mostly the tarmac paths make the going very easy. There is also a visitor centre, a children’s play area, which was very popular, and a 2 mile tarmac cycle track. Its a great place to take children who want to ride their bikes in safety, I wish it had been open when our children were smaller!


Not the lake just proving how much rain we had earlier in the week!

I made my way down to the lakes, which were very pretty, and took a slow circular walk before heading back to the car. I will definitely go back there again in the summer, to explore fully. I thoroughly enjoyed the walk and getting some photos!


Looking towards the sea, the white blocks are caravans near the Chequers pub!

Look out for the gargoyles in the next blog….enjoy the photos Smile






  1. Ooh, yes. You'll have to go back to this park again to see everything greening up and growing for spring and summer! Although it looks as though you've already got some good green coming! I like how you said you were going to give your camera some exercise. :)

  2. I think once a site has been subjected to heavy industry for a long time, it's very difficult to make it look good - at least they're trying and it has to be an improvement on a slag heap.

  3. Thanks for sharing your Photo's...
    Have a lovely Sunday

  4. Great Poppy glad you took your camera out , this coming Spring the place will begin to look so much better and alive.
    Isn't it getting closer to your holiday in China, lovely. Have a restful Sunday. Sheilax

  5. Next time you go Poppy, give me a shout, it looks as though it will be well worth the visit in a couple of years, and it's nice to think that nature is getting something back for a change. Lovely photos.