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Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Sandwich in the snow :)

Most of the photos in this blog were taken in 2010, when we had quite a heavy snowfall. Sandwich is beautiful, snow just enhances the beauty :)

The Millwall, later in the day there were children on toboggans sliding down the slopes :)

St Peter's Church, picture postcard style.

St Peter's Church, taken from Market Street, with the War Memorial in front.

The High Street.

The Quay, so pretty in the snow :)

Boats on the river.

St Clement's Churchyard.

Church Street St. Clement's, taken from St. Clement's churchyard.

Fisher Gate, looking towards the Quay.

St Peter's Church

St Peter's Churchyard.

Looking across St Peter's garden to the houses in St Peter's Street.

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Sandwich, around the town. Part 2

One of my favourite photos of Sandwich, probably because it took me many tries to get this with no cars and no people, but also because I won first prize in the first Sandwich Photography Competition with this photo, run by our local paper in 2009 :)

Strand Street, 'Windy Corner'

More photos from around the town, starting again with Strand Street, which has one of the longest rows of timber framed buildings in Europe.

A beautiful doorway in The Weavers building, Strand Street.

A milestone in Harnet Street, probably passed by hundreds of people, but not noticed by many of them.

Dover Road, I love the trees along here.

Part of Church St. St. Mary in the early morning sun :)

Holy Ghost Alley, St.Peters Street, which leads to the High Street. 

Horse Pond sluice, Delf Street. The Delf stream goes under the buildings and roads at this point, re-emerging along New Street.

The War Memorial outside St. Peter's Church, built in 1922 to commemorate the fallen of the First World War, names from the Second World War, Korea and the Falklands conflict have been added over time.

The entrance to St Peter's garden from King Street.

The Medieval Window opposite the main door to St. Peter's Church.

A very old gravestone near the Medieval window shown in the photo above.

St Peter's garden, the site of the original Guildhall which was built in 1359, later the extended graveyard of St Peter's Church. Mary Bax, who I have written about in an earlier blog is buried here somewhere.

A beautiful and unusual doorway in the town.

Beautiful Medieval wall in Guildcount Lane, probably part of the Monastic buildings which were a large part of the town in Medieval times. A lot of the bricks used in many of the old walls in the town are reputed to have come from nearby Richborough Fort, which was built by the Romans.

And finally, bang up to date, these 'sea-horses' are on the top of the new building on the Quay, where the town is planning to build a Medieval boat in the years to come.