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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Photo Exhibition

Hi, I told you I would let you all know how the exhibition went on Saturday – it was really good fun, but I forgot to take photos until it was too late, not good!! Below is the one I did take, there were a lot more on show, it was good to see them all together, and worth all the hard work mounting them!
We had lots of people visit us, sadly they were reluctant to part with their money, but I had fantastic feedback, which is really more important to me. I did sell one photo and I may be in for a commission in the New Year, I will let you know if it comes off.
It was a busy day in Sandwich, there were all sorts going on, including a fun fair on the car park which our room overlooked, as it got dark, the uneven panes of glass and the colours from the funfair looked amazing, so out came the camera, the photos here are the result. I love them!!
A very short blog again this time, when I got up on Saturday I noticed a large grey ‘disc’ in my right eye, oh..oh… I got to the Drs yesterday, she thinks I may have a detached or detaching retina..great just what I need! I have a hospital appointment tomorrow at 11am, I think they will just have a look and it will be taken from there. I am not sure how my eyesight will be affected so thought I would get this blog published quickly just in case! I will let you know what happens next, when I can.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Sunday Walk


Last Sunday was just one of those days when you just know you have to get out of the house, once again the weather was amazing for November, so I set off towards the seafront for a walk into the town. As soon as I reached the seafront I could see lots of colourful sailing boats setting out from the shore, it was a lovely sight. Days like that at this time of year are a real bonus, today has been beautiful weather too, but I have been a bit under the weather for the last couple of days, so I was content to stay indoors and look at the sun from the comfort of my chair! I am feeling much better now, so its back to work tomorrow!




A very short blog this time, I am really busy just now getting my photos ready for an exhibition/sale next Saturday, my first exhibition! I am not too worried if I don’t sell any of my photos, but it will be interesting to get the feedback. I am exhibiting in The Guildhall, Sandwich with four friends, all of whom make amazing things ranging from painting, ceramics and beautiful Christmas wreaths. Wish us luck! I will let you know how it goes next week sometime and there will of course be photos!!



Thursday, 10 November 2011

Remembrance Day 2011

Once again I am re-publishing this blog for anyone who has not already read it, it just says it all for me. I hope you will forgive me for repeating it, it was originally entitled ‘Remembrance’
March 1945 - stationed on an RAF base in Lincolnshire were a 22 year old man and his girlfriend who was 21. He was a Flight Engineer on Lancaster Bombers, she was a parachute packer. On the night of the 11th March, the young man flew on a mission, by coincidence wearing a parachute that had been packed by his girlfriend. The mission was over Germany and coming home his plane was shot down. Three of the crew of 7 parachuted out of the plane, the other 4 went down with the plane.

The young man was an only son, his Mum received a telegram telling her that her son was 'MISSING, BELIEVED KILLED'

Six weeks later the young mans Mum got another telegram saying 'I AM ON MY WAY HOME, I LOVE YOU'

The young man and his girlfriend were re-united and got married later that year.

This is a true story, the young man was my Dad, he landed in Belgium, and by chance was located by the Underground. He was smuggled out of Belgium and crossed the Kattegut to Copenhagen, stowing away on a German ship. In Copenhagen he bought his Mum a fob watch, which I now have. My Dads log book and the telegrams are in my brothers safe keeping. My Mum really did pack the parachute my Dad used on that night. My Dad only spoke of this to us once, I am glad that he did.

Tomorrow at 11am I will observe the 2 minutes silence, and among the thousands and thousands of people that are being remembered I will share a special thought for the 4 brave young men who lost their lives on that night in March 1945. We will not forget them.