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Sunday, 20 November 2011

Sunday Walk


Last Sunday was just one of those days when you just know you have to get out of the house, once again the weather was amazing for November, so I set off towards the seafront for a walk into the town. As soon as I reached the seafront I could see lots of colourful sailing boats setting out from the shore, it was a lovely sight. Days like that at this time of year are a real bonus, today has been beautiful weather too, but I have been a bit under the weather for the last couple of days, so I was content to stay indoors and look at the sun from the comfort of my chair! I am feeling much better now, so its back to work tomorrow!




A very short blog this time, I am really busy just now getting my photos ready for an exhibition/sale next Saturday, my first exhibition! I am not too worried if I don’t sell any of my photos, but it will be interesting to get the feedback. I am exhibiting in The Guildhall, Sandwich with four friends, all of whom make amazing things ranging from painting, ceramics and beautiful Christmas wreaths. Wish us luck! I will let you know how it goes next week sometime and there will of course be photos!!




  1. these are beautiful shots! and good luck with the exhibition! :)

  2. Hi Poppy, glad you are feeling better. What a lovely site to see all of the beautiful Sailing Craft on the water. It is cold a heck here in Edmonton. I have to plug my car in so it will start in the morning.

  3. Super photos Poppy, I would love to be coming to your exhibition to cheer you on, but as I can't i'm wishing you all the best of luck. Do let us know how it goes.

  4. Don't worry about feeling under the weather - I'll cheer you up on Wednesday :o)

    Great pics as always - Sunday was a great day for a walk, wasn't it ? We pootled along the seafront & up to the garden centre. I took some pics for a person in Canada who has ancestors from here & she wanted to see the area they lived in. By the time we got home, I'd walked 6½ miles & had a well deserved coffee :o)

  5. Good to catch up Poppy , your photo's are so good. That was a fine looking day blue sky and a lot going on I see. I wish you luck on Saturday and hope you all have a fab day. Look forward hearing how you got on. Hugs Sheila xx