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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Photo Exhibition

Hi, I told you I would let you all know how the exhibition went on Saturday – it was really good fun, but I forgot to take photos until it was too late, not good!! Below is the one I did take, there were a lot more on show, it was good to see them all together, and worth all the hard work mounting them!
We had lots of people visit us, sadly they were reluctant to part with their money, but I had fantastic feedback, which is really more important to me. I did sell one photo and I may be in for a commission in the New Year, I will let you know if it comes off.
It was a busy day in Sandwich, there were all sorts going on, including a fun fair on the car park which our room overlooked, as it got dark, the uneven panes of glass and the colours from the funfair looked amazing, so out came the camera, the photos here are the result. I love them!!
A very short blog again this time, when I got up on Saturday I noticed a large grey ‘disc’ in my right eye, oh..oh… I got to the Drs yesterday, she thinks I may have a detached or detaching retina..great just what I need! I have a hospital appointment tomorrow at 11am, I think they will just have a look and it will be taken from there. I am not sure how my eyesight will be affected so thought I would get this blog published quickly just in case! I will let you know what happens next, when I can.


  1. oh dear! i hope the eye issues can be resolved without too much trouble! how scary for you!!!

    congrats on the sale!

  2. Poppy, that does not sound good, We all need our eyes, lets hope it is repairable. Love the way the light refracts through the window.

  3. Before I realised I was looking at lights through a window, I thought you'd been indulging in a bit of abstract art or too much of the bubbly stuff !! :o)

    Shaun & I have our fingers crossed for a good result at the hospital - text m when you know what's happening, OK ??

    We'll be thinking of you & sending positive vibes. xxxx

  4. Lovely Poppy well done just fab the reflections through the window. Very effective good enough to put on a wall. Hugs Sheila xx