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Thursday, 1 December 2011

Eye problem update


Silver linings?

I spent about 3 hours at the hospital yesterday, my eyes were given a full MOT, the outcome being that my Retina is fine, but a small piece of the jelly part of my eye has turned to water, its an age thing!!! There is nothing they can do for the problem so its a case of putting up with it. Apparently my brain (I have a brain??? lol) will get used to the disc being there and will compensate for it, in the mean time I am fine to drive, and I only really notice the disc when I blink and I am aware of it when I am reading, its nothing too bad just a tiny bit blurred. I can live with that, I am just pleased I don’t have to have surgery and can start looking forward to the concert I am going to on the 10th December. More about that nearer the time. Thanks to you all for your kind wishes, they are very much appreciated Smile 


Probably the last rose of this year, photo taken 28th November, the wind has now destroyed the flower, looks like winter is getting here now.


  1. Beautiful Rose Poppy, and so late in the year.

  2. well, i'm glad you don't need anything surgical done. i do hope your eye and brain gets used to it so you no longer will notice it!

  3. Hello Poppy, gosh that must be a little frustrating! I had to get used to a floater on my eye & my little brain does not even notice it anymore. The body does adjust eventually!
    Beautiful pictures as usual, Seasonal greetings Poppy!

  4. OMG Poppy I just had the exact same thing happen to my eye now. Can you believe this? You described how it looks perfectly through the eye. I just went to an eye doctor and he said it was just fluid like you and that I should see my regular doctor. I have an appointment to see him and he'll send me to an eye doctor that will probably do that test and tell me the same thing. I've been a little depressed lately because of it but at least I had thought they could or would do something to fix it. After my tests I'll know more but you couldn't have described my condition better. I know people who wear two different contact lenses for old age near-sightedness and they have gotten used to that. I don't know about that working for me. How long have you had it? I noticed mine about 3 weeks ago but at first I thought I was just tired. It's gonna be harder to draw and paint now so I can't say I'm not a little upset and I imagine you are too. Sight is so precious! I'm here for ya Poppy. This is freaky at least it's not cancer or something. Have a great weekend and can't wait to hear about your concert. Big big hug! ♥

  5. Oh My Poppy sorry to hear this , glad you don't have to have an eye operation phew! Here's hoping all is not as bad as it seem's. Enjoy your Concert on the 10th Dec. Take care Hugs Sheila xx

  6. Hi Poppy great to hear from you on my post today. Hope all is well have a lovely week. Sheila xx

  7. Hi Poppy, like others I was glad to hear the fairly good news that your eye problem isn't bad enough to warrant having to have an operation, the thought of operating of the eye is a bit cringe making, I'm sure I posted a comment about your eye telling you about an acquaintance who had a detached retina, but can't see it.
    Like your rose, I've noticed to-day that I have a spray of Iceberg roses that have come into bloom, and a Clematis that's doing it's damnedest to defy the chilly conditions, Isn't nature wonderful?. Keep well and keep snapping.

  8. Thanks to you all for your comments and support, you are all great. A 'Bath' blog is just about ready to be published I will put it up later today, got to go and teach a man how to make lace.....:) xxxx

  9. And teach a man, you did :o) Looking forward to our *Paaaar-tay* on Wednesday !! :o)