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Monday, 12 December 2011

Canterbury Rocks at Christmas


On Saturday my best friend and I went to the ‘Canterbury Rocks at Christmas’ in Canterbury Cathedral, wow did we have a great time!! The main performer was Ian Anderson from Jethro Tull with Justin Hayward (Moody Blues) and Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden) as guests.

I have been a Moody Blues fan since 1967 and had never had the chance to see any of the group live, so I just had to go to this concert, I think I would have walked if the weather had been bad! lol

We had pretty good seats in the centre aisle, of course in front of me was the largest man there could be but I could still see pretty well! Ian Anderson is just amazing on the flute, Bruce Dickinson has a really great voice, and sang a totally amazing version of ‘Jerusalem’ and Justin Hayward sang ‘Forever Autumn’ and ‘Nights in White Satin’, his voice is just awesome, there were parts of Nights in White Satin where his voice just totally filled the whole cathedral. To see such a concert in this amazing venue was just something else!

At the break I went outside through a side door, for a quick ciggie,  and came back in the same door – right in front of me was Justin Hayward signing autographs, and amazingly enough there were only a few people who had found him!!!!! I fished out my programme and a pen, waited patiently and managed not only to get his autograph but have a few words with him…..I have been on cloud 9 ever since!! He seems a genuinely lovely man, and although I have waited a very long time to see him live, the wait was more than worth it! I never dreamt I would get to talk to him or get his autograph! I also took a photo of him and a young man who was there, sadly I didn’t get any photos myself as the tickets stated no cameras, phones or video recorders allowed, so I left my camera at home. In fact they did allow non flash photography, but meeting Justin made up for the fact I have no photos. The end number of the concert was Locomotive Breath, a very well known Jethro Tull song, performed by all whom took part, a fantastic end to an amazing evening, all in all a truly fantastic start to Christmas for me Smile


  1. how cool! what a great surprise to be able to meet him, too!

  2. Poppy, you are so lucky, to be able to get his autograph.

  3. What a lovely Evening Wow!! a signed autograph to and a chat face to face lucky Lady. What a cracking start to Christmas and may they continue. Hugs Sheila xx:)

  4. Oh Poppy, you lucky thing, have you come down to earth yet? I've been playing some of my old compilation tapes and Nights in White Satin was one I drooled over, and Forever Autumn, love it, in fact I would love to put it on my dog blog when I finish it.
    I'm absolutely going green over your luck. I hope you left a cord dangling from your ankle so we can pull you back to earth. :-)

  5. Hi, I was there too - brilliant evening! Have already posted various comments on Facebook...if you see the footage from the side of the stage, I was there... think it was filmed by a young girl who came behind us at the end (probably standing on a chair!) You were lucky to meet Justin along the way - I unintentionally bumped into him before the concert when they first arrived (he and Marie and some friends)but they looked very tired,so I wouldn't have wanted to intrude at the time - after that, only saw him from a distance, and on stage...They were all great that night, it really was a special occasion, and one I won't forget x

  6. You lucky girl you! How cool to get an autograph and a chat! Bet the concert was good.
    I got to see the Moody Blues twice when I was a kid and I must of seen Jethro Tull at least 3 times. Both awesome bands and great musicians! Isn't Anderson is something on his flute and when I saw them they always had quite the funny stage act along with thier great music! As far as Justin Hayward he's a God! Lol! I still have one T-shirt from seeing the Moody Blues and no I'll never fit into it again but it's good to have as a memory.
    I started a new website because I've never been completely happy with Wonderland. Not enough people take me seriously and I have posted some stinkers on that site. This new site is what I wrote "The First Snow" for so I posted it on Wonderland too because my writing has sucked there lately and I'm a better writer than that. It's at http://Diaryofamadhoosier.blogspot.com and I hope you will become a Follower there too.
    I will have to email you about my eye. I got really bad news about it and I'll tell you about it then. I hope you have a Merry Christmas Poppy you deserve the best my good friend! ♥