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Wednesday, 7 December 2011



There were lots of amazing statues round the city, I loved this one!

Back in October my best friend and I had a mini break in Bath. My friend had never been there before and my last visit was over 40 years ago, so we were both looking forward to the trip very much.


Fountain House, the building on the left, our flat was on the 2nd floor.


To the right is the Abbey and the entrance to the Roman Baths.

We had rented a flat on the Lansdowne Road, which was just beautiful. We were about 2 minutes walk from Milsom Street, the Assembly rooms, and The Circle, about 5 minutes walk away from the The Royal Crescent and about a 10 minute walk away from the The Roman Baths and the Abbey, so you can see we chose our spot very well!!


The entrance to the Kings and Queens Baths, when I last visited there was a water fountain in front of the building. The water was the famous Bath Water, and attached to the fountain was a metal cup for tasting the water. The fountain has now gone, probably due to the fact that everyone used the same cup!!!


The Lansdowne Road.

Bath is a beautiful, vibrant city, with wonderful individual shops, interesting shop lined alley ways mingling with the Georgian buildings. The first afternoon we just had a gentle walk to get our bearings, we did go into the Abbey, and then ate Fish and Chips in the Queens Square, it was a lovely evening. The weather throughout our visit was wonderful, with wall to wall sunshine, a real treat in October!


Abbey Green.

We started our sight seeing with the Roman Baths, we arrived at opening time on Friday morning, and spent an amazing couple of hours wandering round and chatting to the ‘Roman wife’ who was waiting patiently for her slave to return. This lady was just hilarious, she certainly made our visit to the baths a memorable one!


The Roman Baths



That lady probably has a photo of me taking a photo of her….lol



The water entering the baths from underground.

The overflow




The mask of Minerva.



The wonderful ‘Roman Wife’

Exhausted by all the laughing we had coffee in the Pump Rooms, which was very nice, then we wandered down to a local garden, took one of the bus tours round the city and finally went back to the Abbey for a good look round, and, for me, a climb up the tower…. More about the Abbey in the next blog as it deserves a blog to itself.


One of the chandeliers in the Pump Room.


One of the display cases in the Jane Austen Centre.


I just had to include this photo!!! lol

The following day we visited The Jane Austen Centre, The Circle and the Royal Crescent, had some retail therapy and checked out the local tea shops, and the modern shopping centre, I think you can tell we had a busy but lovely time, and certainly saw the sights!!


Pulteney Bridge.


In the Park


I loved this Smile


Looking down the Lansdowne Road


The Royal Crescent






Our short but very enjoyable visit ended the next day, after a final visit to the Royal Crescent in glorious sunshine. We travelled home, tired but very happy, and we both want to go back again soon Smile


My daughter would just love shoes like these!!!


  1. that royal crescent is so impressive! and the ancient bath houses are amazing too!

  2. What an awesome place. Love the big old tree.

  3. As always your pictures are fantastic! I love the baths and the royal crescent :-)

  4. Great Pictures Poppy so clear just loved the Baths. I visited Bath in 1998 in the summer when they had loads of hanging baskets in town. That tea room is beautiful. Good luck today and hope all goes well for you. Hugs Sheila x

  5. Beautiful. We are SO lucky in the UK to have such outstanding architecture. Especially when you think about how we had the wotsits bombed out of us in WW1 & WW2 :o)

  6. You really captured the spirit of Bath there Poppy, I haven't been for a couple of years, I had a nice pic of me standing by the baths, taken by ex, but it got lost :-(.
    I pass through it when going to West country dog shows, and always appreciate the wonderful architecture. Interesting post.

  7. I was in Bath a few years ago and had a very pleasant day there. We didn't really do it justice - cash was a little less flowing at the time and the baths themselves remained unlooked at. It is a marvel of Georgian architecture, which gets a bit lost for somebody who has spent so much time in that other marvel of Georgian architecture - Edinburgh.
    Thank you for the pictures here of lots of bits we didn't see :)

  8. Oh I love your tour of the baths and more. I can't even imagine what it must have been like in those days. What a decadent life style. Thank you for sharing.