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Monday, 28 March 2011

Random photos from around the town, and its almost time to go…..to China!!



I have been trying to get a good shot of a seagull for a little while, this one is the best so far, but I will keep trying Smile


I do like this shot though….

As the title says these are just some random shots from around our lovely little town, taken on a morning walk a week or so ago when the sun was shining. My camera goes everywhere with me, and has seen a lot of use over the last 4 years. I can always find something to take a photo of, it is amazing how many interesting things there are out there, if you have the time to notice them.


The start of my walk into town.


St saviours Church, where I took the photos of the water spouts in an earlier blog.


The Clock Tower of the former Royal Marines barracks peeping between two buildings on the seafront.


The pier, strange that I rarely take a photo of it from this side…


…..for some reason most of my photos are taken from this side!


The seafront, taken from about half way along the pier.


The misty scene to the South.


The statue at the entrance to the Pier, representing the fishermen the town is famous for.

As mentioned in the title of this blog, it is nearly time for my holiday of a lifetime. Next Monday I fly out with my sister in law to China, where I will see my daughter for the first time since last August. Needless to say I am getting very excited now, its been a long winter! This will be my last blog until I get back, hopefully with a lot of photos of my holiday….


I am looking forward to sharing some photos with you all in about a months time, until then, take care all xx

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Celtic Noel



My latest piece of finished Cross stitch.

This beautiful lady has taken me some time to make, the chart, threads and beads were all sent to me by a lovely American friend, Angela, about 4 years ago. I finished all the cross stitch quite some time ago, then hit stitcher’s block, which lasted for quite some time! Finishing my daughters banner earlier this year gave me a boost and I am now working my way through all the half -finished pieces!


The stumbling block on this piece was the beads! As they are spaced out quite a lot, each bead needed to be attached securely, but they were well worth all the effort involved. All I need to do now is to get her framed in time for this Christmas!


I still have quite a number of UFOs (unfinished objects!!) in my cross stitch pile but it will be a while before I complete another piece as the other pieces are nowhere near being finished, hmmmm now which one shall I do next??


Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Sunday Walk

It seems to have been a very long winter, so when the sun shines on a Sunday you just have to get out in it for a little while don’t you? I couldn’t decide where to go so just had a saunter nearby, I walked through the local park and watched a bit of the football tournament that was going on in there, its lovely to see the park being so well used by so many people Smile
When I left the park I headed towards the sea, and Walmer Castle, cutting through the paddock where I spotted the pill box, which I must have seen many times before but had never noticed!!
These photos were taken just before the Castle opened for the new season, but there are still photos to be found, even from peeping through the gate, the wrought iron just allows me to shoot through the gaps in  the ironwork!!
The following couple of photos were taken from the driveway of the Castle, I was very pleased to spot the bird on the weather vane when I downloaded the photos to my laptop. It looks like a blackbird to me but I could be wrong.
I had a really lovely walk, I hope you have enjoyed sharing it with me. More photos from me soon Smile

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

A good way to spend a couple of hours when the sun shines!



Last week on my day off I went round to see my friend for coffee, the sun was shining and my friend was looking after her 4 year old granddaughter who was getting restless….. We had to make the most of the sun so we all piled in my car and headed over to our favourite garden in Sandwich.


The resident crocodile.


Looking across to the house.

Having a 4 year old with us was very different from our usual peaceful walk round, but we soon remedied that, I got her to play ‘statues’ all over the garden, then I took her photo!! She thought it was great fun, we had our walk round and I still managed to take some nice photos. I won’t include any photos of her, as I am very aware of peoples privacy, especially children’s privacy, but I did get some really lovely shots of her. She loved the metal animals but did want to know why they were ‘broken’ lol She also made friends with a dog who lives there, who joined us for most of our walk round.


Great to see some flowers in bloom in February.


I love the way this horse moves around, the flowers in this meadow looked lovely.

It was so nice to walk round this time of year, as there were views of the garden that we don’t normally get to see, due to the fact that the flower beds have now been cleared ready for this years plants.


Beautiful irises.


I am not sure what this is, it looks like a globe, or a plan of the universe maybe? It looks good anyway!


It always amazes me that no matter what time of year you walk round this garden there is always plenty to see, every time we have been there it has been different. Needless to say we all thoroughly enjoyed our little trip out, and will be visiting the garden again soon I am sure Smile


It is always so peaceful in this garden.


Looking across to the Parish Church, later in the year this view is obscured by the trees.


Golden grass in the sun.