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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Sunday Walk

It seems to have been a very long winter, so when the sun shines on a Sunday you just have to get out in it for a little while don’t you? I couldn’t decide where to go so just had a saunter nearby, I walked through the local park and watched a bit of the football tournament that was going on in there, its lovely to see the park being so well used by so many people Smile
When I left the park I headed towards the sea, and Walmer Castle, cutting through the paddock where I spotted the pill box, which I must have seen many times before but had never noticed!!
These photos were taken just before the Castle opened for the new season, but there are still photos to be found, even from peeping through the gate, the wrought iron just allows me to shoot through the gaps in  the ironwork!!
The following couple of photos were taken from the driveway of the Castle, I was very pleased to spot the bird on the weather vane when I downloaded the photos to my laptop. It looks like a blackbird to me but I could be wrong.
I had a really lovely walk, I hope you have enjoyed sharing it with me. More photos from me soon Smile


  1. Lovely architecture and landscaping. Lots of GREEN! :)

  2. That sure does look like a lovely blue sky Poppy yes I know what you mean. Glad you enjoyed your little walk it is funny you notice something you never noticed before. It has happened to me on many occasions , great day. Hugs Sheila x

  3. Looks like you're getting a bit of spring fever Poppy, noticing all these things and taking photos of things that are always there, it goes to show how much better we all feel when the temperature lifts, If the bird was on his own it probably was a blackbird, especially if he was singing.
    Down by the beach where I live there are several pill boxes, but they are half buried, I took some photos the other week but haven't had a chance to upload them.