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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Snow and stuff!



The snow title is not a surprise to anyone living in the UK today I am sure! We haven’t actually had very much of the white stuff here, but I did get to take my camera for a walk on Sunday, walking on pebbles that are covered in snow is much easier than walking on just shingle! The sun was shining whilst I was out, to be honest everywhere looked just gorgeous, but it was very cold, so I was glad to get back to the fire after my outing. I walked up to Walmer Castle, hoping that maybe the garden just might be open for mad photographers like me, sadly it wasn’t, I only managed to take a couple of photos through the gate, I bet it was lovely in the grounds.


Feeling a bit down these days, cutbacks at work, losing friends, missing  my daughter, things like that ……I will bounce back, but its certainly taking its time this time round. I can’t get any enthusiasm for anything right now, and the thought of writing Christmas cards just fills me with dread, they will get done though.


I decided last night to download my Livespace blog to my pc, but it won’t work! I have already downloaded all 70+ photo albums and deleted the photos (if they don’t want my blogs they aren’t keeping my photos!!)  but will be very sad if I lose all my blogs, they are reflections of nearly 4 years of my life and nice to look back on. Looks like I will have to copy and paste the whole lot, that’s going to be great fun…of course I could transfer the whole lot to WordPress but that doesn’t appeal to be honest!


Day off work today, I have been clearing all sorts of trash off my computer, and as its bitterly cold outside and we have a lovely coal fire burning I think an afternoon sitting in front of the fire and TV, clearing out more junk from my life might be a good thing.


Keep warm everyone, wherever you are, hopefully a more upbeat blog next time x


In the Library garden.


Snow on the beach


Looking towards Kingsdown


Walmer Castle


A signpost for walkers on the seafront.


  1. Oh your photos are just wonderful! Thanks for taking your camera for a walk and sharing it with us!!!

    I had to chuckle at your "dread" of writing Christmas cards. I'm usually one of the first to get going on them by the end of Nov. For some reason this year I'm thinking folks should just read my blog to know what I've been up to! :)

    May the sun come out soon for you!

  2. 'Hi Poppy, just returned from Holiday, Welcome. I know it is hard to find friends, from Spaces, they have dispersed to many different sites. Not really keen on the Blog sites, but it seems to be the only way to keep in contact with old friend.

  3. Hi Poppy, looks like you've had more snow than us - we got a light dusting around Sunday and the tiniest of top ups from time to time (it's trying right now in fact). Lovely pictures and I hope something cheery comes your way soon.

  4. Lovely photo's Poppy especially Walmer Castle , those yellow flowers in the library garden are doing well, thought they would have perished I don't know what they are. You have had more snow than us but is very very cold. I hope you manage to get out with your camera soon again as the shots today where great. Hugs Sheila.

  5. Lovely pics of the snow.
    My camera was in the car somewhere and completely snowed in. I couldn't even get into it so that was that.
    Funnily enough, I am in the process of buying a Duke of Wellington mourning medal to commemorate his death which was at Walmer Castle on 14th September 1852.

  6. HI Poppy,
    down days and up days, all are to be treasured, showing our steps taken in this life.
    Such gorgeous pictures, snow is a beautiful accompaniment in any photo, but in real life it becomes a nightmare if it lingers too long. If we could only say, now lay there but NOT there!!
    hope you managed a good clearout...xPenx