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Sunday, 24 April 2011

I am back, wow what a holiday!! :D:D



Me, on the Great Wall, a dream come true ^_^

Just a very brief blog today, we had a totally amazing holiday, there will be lots of blogs to follow, but at the moment I am desperately trying to sort out some of the nearly 2000 photos that I took!!!! Will leave you with a few ‘us’ photos to be going on with, hopefully it won’t be too long until I can do a proper blog!



The Temple of Heaven, Beijing.


Touching the buddhas tummy for good luck, Xi’an


My daughter, sister in law and myself on our way up to the Great Wall at Mitianyu, it was wonderful!!!


Cheat rickshaw ride lol!



  1. Wow the photo's look fantastic, love the one of the buddhas (hope you made a wish when you tickled his belly)

    Happy Easter

  2. This looks like a magnificent holiday - I'll certainly look forward to few blogs from appearing here.

  3. oh wow! that's a wonderful destination - a once in a lifetime trip! will look forward to more scenes!

  4. Oh wow wonderful look forward to seeing more wonderful sights. Love the Buddha Val hope you have a lovely Easter with all those lovely memories. A trip in a Life time indeed thank you for sharing . Hugs Sheila x ps the time has flowen by.

  5. Glad your back, Poppy. Looks like you have a great vacation in China. Looking forward to seeing more of your wonderful China photos. Have a great Easter.

  6. I'll look forward to your next blogs, We have a relative who teaches in China. I'd love to go there one day...

  7. Hello Poppy!, looks like an incredible time was had. 2000 pictures, oh my yes that will take awhile to sort through!

  8. Very cool Poppy! I bet it was unreal being there. Do you travel a lot? How long were you in China? You are a very young looking woman for your age. (I can say that cause I'm probably close to your age.) Tee hee! I thought I'd return the favor and check out your blogspot. Glad I did! ♥

  9. Glad I backtracked and caught this blog too, like the newer one, wonderful photos, the Buddha looked like he was enjoying your tummy rub.