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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Back to Beijing..

Just before we return to Beijing I have to share a couple of photos with you of the amazing hotel we stayed at in Xi’an. The lobby was so big the whole of the Library where I work could fit in there with room to spare...and marble everywhere. Outside was a beautiful large pond with an enormous statue of the Emperor and some of his generals.
We again travelled overnight by train back to Beijing, before we got on the train my daughter and, ok I admit it me too, kept half the waiting room amused, we weren’t really bad just having a giggle between us but a lot of people were grinning at us .... Once on the train, we had quite a wait for the trolley but soon settled in for a couple of beers, just to help us sleep you understand!
I was awoken at 6am by the sun shining under the curtain at the window, so I had to take a peek, the sight was amazing. It was daylight, the sun was rising above a serene Chinese scene, with mist under the trees, just beautiful! I had to try to catch it on my camera, I wasn’t really expecting very good photos but some turned out ok. It was really interesting watching the scenery zip past, and seeing the country people in their trucks, cars and on their bikes going to work. I also noticed that most of the dwellings looked quite shabby, a kind of on- going shanty town, with here and there a beautiful painted Chinese Gateway, which made me wonder what used to be in that particular place. It was a magical journey for me, and another part of the holiday I will never forget.


  1. Beautiful what a wonderful sight to be-hold first thing in the morning. That hotel lobby looks huge Poppy..Wow!Lovely thank you for sharing Hugs Sheila xx

  2. Super pictures Poppy, I specially liked the group of ladies, very oriental.

  3. That hotel is just beautiful, very flash indeed....

  4. Wow, those are great shots & that hotel lobby is incredible! :-)