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Thursday, 19 January 2012



Such wonderful colours.

The last week has given us some really wonderful sunrises, almost every day Mother Nature has shown us just what she can come up with in January, which is wonderful for us poor photographers who have been thinking there wouldn’t be anything worth taking photos of for a month or two!




A pink bird in the sky!

I was lucky enough to catch one of these wonderful mornings last week, I had dropped my son off at the train station, spotted the colours in the sky, drove home, grabbed the camera and headed up to the beach. The photos shown here are in the order they were taken, to show how the sky changed over the course of about half an hour. I came home with very cold hands, but felt very lucky to have seen such a beautiful morning unfold before my camera and I!! The following mornings were just as good, as far as I could tell, but as I had to work I missed them. The last two photos here were taken two days later, on a bright frosty morning, I stopped on my way to work to take a few photos and nearly got stuck in some mud!!




This was an amazing sight, I thought the sun was behind the clouds, but it was the suns rays shining through the clouds.



Here comes the sun Smile


A shame about the ‘halo’ in the sea, but that is how the camera saw it.


This man never even looked at the sky….


Last shot, the sun was about to disappear behind the clouds.


Worth village on a very frosty morning, it looked beautiful.


Sunshine across the frosty fields.


  1. gorgeous shots! (and glad you didn't get stuck!)

  2. Lovely photos. We had some gorgeous sunrises here in Sussex too.

  3. Lovely photos, Poppy. Some of the best photos can be taken in the morning.

  4. Gorgeous Photo's Poppy the wonders of the Universe, how can you take these for granted. Thank you so much for sharing I could put each one on my wall. Hope you are well and having a good week. Back to dull skies here , but at least we have no snow.
    Hugs Sheila xx

  5. So beautiful, I never do tire of catching the sunsets, such a magical feel! I am so luckt to be able to glimpse them over the sea from my studio window, if I stand on tiptoe ;-)

  6. Wow! Stunning... makes me wish I lived near the coast and had a decent camera lol

  7. Beautiful photos and I love the sunrises! Stunning :)

  8. They're all stunning, Poppy, absolutely stunning.

  9. These pics definitely have the WOW factor, absolutely stunning,I don't get up in time to get a good photo of sunrise, as where I live early morning is obscured, and by the time I got the dogs organised and got to the cliff top it would be too late, but, I don't think they'd be this good anyroad, sorry to be late, but I'm all behind with my comments. Thanks for your visit, i appreciate it, Love the puppy :-)

  10. I agree with the WOW comments, these are great shots! I like the frosty morning village shot too. I just coincidently put up a sunrise photo on my blog also. Have a great weekend Poppy!

  11. I very rarely see the sun rise but I do love to chase a sunset. We will often rush off to our favourite beach at Westbrooke and watch the sun disappear into the sea. XXX Don