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Sunday, 20 May 2012

A Brocante and some bargains :)


Grand Canal, Venice (shame about the stain on this one!)

Every May Day bank holiday there is a Brocante on Walmer Green, the weather is usually pretty awful, if it is not raining there is usually a strong wind blowing off the sea, but it is usually worth a visit. There are probably about 100 stalls selling bric-a-brac of all descriptions from furniture, old jewellery, crockery to books, pictures and even army clothes.


Salisbury Cathedral


Ely Cathedral

We have had a few bargains over the years, my daughter bought all her willow pattern crockery that she took to University from there one year, and I bought a beautiful Chinese calligraphy set and a set of Chinese calligraphy another year.


Ripon Cathedral


Bristol Cathedral

This year the weather decided to be kinder to the stall holders, so I met my husband and son up there for a look round again this year. My husband is not really interested in this sort of thing, whereas my son is a bit more like me, he likes a good rummage! We had a look round, but I really wanted a good rummage on my own, so I suggested that my husband and son go home and leave me to it, which they did.


Trinity College Chapel


Rochester Cathedral

I then spent an enjoyable hour or so having a good look round, I bought a very pretty pair of earrings, then I found two local history books at a very good price (it is handy working in a Library at times!!) which we intend to sell on, we know they are worth more than I paid for them!


Carlisle Cathedral


Durham Cathedral

I was just about ready to head home when I spotted a photo album on another stall, so I had a look. The album was very tatty, and inside I could see a lot of loose pictures of the interiors of churches and cathedrals. I think a lot of you will know my interest in these kinds of buildings, so I asked the stallholder how much he wanted for the album. He asked me to give him an offer, which I did, a very low one! He upped the price just a bit but I played it a bit so he didn’t go any higher, and bought the album. The guy told me I had got the bargain of the day as the etchings would probably sell for way more than that!


Worcester Cathedral


Chichester Cathedral

I went home very pleased with my purchases, I took everything out of the album, disposed of the album in the bin and had a good look at the pictures. There are about 40 etchings and about half a dozen pictures all taken from old books, all of them of interiors and exteriors of churches with the exception of the Venice one shown at the top of the page. The guy was right they are etchings, original ones at that and hand coloured. A lot of them have ‘For Winkles Cathedrals’ written on them, so I did a bit of research on the internet. ‘Winkles Cathedrals’ is a set of three volumes printed in around 1833, and a number of the etchings are for sale on ebay, not coloured, each one selling for around twice the price I paid for the whole album, and none are coloured, all of mine have been trimmed, which is a shame, but I do have 21 of them! The man was right I think I did get the bargain of the day!! However, I bought them because I like them, so my intention is to mount them all up, enjoy them, and maybe get to some of the Cathedrals shown. I am still looking into the other 20 or so etchings, to find out where they have come from! I hope you enjoy looking at a few of my ‘treasures’ Smile 


York Cathedral


  1. wow! color originals! i believe you found a treasure - for yourself! nice!

  2. Very nice indeed good to find something you really take an interest in Val. Sounds like you had a really good rummage , on your own you can get around easier to.
    Have a good week they say the weather is going to get warmer .
    Hugs Sheila enjoy your week. xx

  3. Nice to browse and admire the "treasures-the coffin" etchings ...
    Thank you for visiting "Jorina-blog".
    I write sometimes Finland-Murre - translators do not understand-
    Nohh ... However, the pictures ...!
    Greetings, Eco
    Finland / Lapland / Kuusamo

  4. You've an eye for that sort of things, beauty at the right price.

  5. Its funny, on the may long weekend here we usually have a day or two of terrable weather also.
    Congrats on your finding little treasures, do enjoy..

  6. Yes,i think you got yourself a bargin there,greatblog again


  7. The Scotsman in me loves a bargin, even when somebody else is getting it :)
    These should look great framed up.