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Friday, 19 July 2013

Lost photos – Scarecrows!


The Frog Prince

For some time now I have been transferring all my photos onto my external hard drive and copying them all onto disc, then eventually getting some of them printed up in photo books. I thought that I was doing ok but checking through my old memory cards I found the whole month of May 2011 had been overlooked.


Peter Pan and Captain Hook


Dobby from the Harry Potter books


I am so pleased I realized, as some of the missing photos are those shown here. Every two years the village of Wingham in Kent stage a ‘Scarecrow Trail’ which my friend Pauline and I went to in 2011. The scarecrows are just amazing, perfect photo subjects, and we had the chance to look round some of the beautiful gardens in the village which are usually hidden from public view.



The Royal Wedding – 2011


The Archbishop

We had a really lovely afternoon, including tea and cakes on someone’s front lawn, and we promised ourselves that we would go again the next time this event was staged. To my disappointment we missed it this year, I never heard a thing about it (and I work in a Library!) and only found out that it had been on when one of the customers in the Library told me how lovely this years event had been!


Toad of Toad Hall


Winnie the Pooh and friends on the river.


Dr Who’s Tardis and a Dalek

I will make sure I look out for this in 2015, it really is a lovely idea, and makes a very interesting day out.


Keith Richards, The Rolling Stones


Cruella de Vil and some of the Dalmation puppies.



I think you will agree the Scarecrows are just amazing, I hope you enjoy the photos Smile


Little Red Riding Hood


Fairy Godmother


Dragons can hide anywhere Smile

For everyone suffering from our English heat wave, keep cool if you can, at least we are getting a summer this year Smile


  1. Wow they are just amazing. My favourite has to be the dragon. I'd want him guarding my place all the time :)

    Shame you missed it this year though. Still, something to look forward to next time!

    1. He is a lovely dragon isn't he? I will make sure I don't miss this in 2 years time :)

  2. We have the same thing in a neighbouring village, but I've never seen anything as good as these, amazing and entertaining. Couldn't find a favourite. I saw this on FB but it wouldn't download, so clicked to come here.

    1. Glad you enjoyed the photos Arlene, they were brilliant scarecrows, so much work had gone into each one :)

  3. Well I haven't seen anything quite like this , it's Fab. It's a shame you missed it this year Val. What a Joy splendid! :)
    Hope you are feeling better now.
    Thanks so much for sharing these Lovely shots.
    Hugs Sheila x

    1. Glad you enjoyed the blog Sheila, I am glad I found the photos, I am wondering how many more things I have forgotten about!! All recovered now thank you, I don't want that again!! x

  4. The ScareCrow Trail, that's neat! We don't have anything like that here except maybe breifly around Halloween.
    Organizing photos, I hate to say that's my least favorite thing about photography, I do it once a year, it takes me days! : )

    1. Glad you like the photos Michael, I seem to to spend a lot of time sorting photos, but it is all part of the fun I think :)

  5. Scarecrow festivals seem to be quite the thing just now and always good for a few pictures.
    I was amazed at how like the real thing the Archbishop of Canterbury was (the old one now I suppose) and Keith Richards doesn't need a label either (I think the scarecrow may be in better health).
    The dalek is great. You've no idea how I would like a tardis - oh the blogs I could write!!!

    1. They were all great Sandy, which is why I was upset to miss this years Trail. You could do a blog and pretend you have a Tardis, that would be good fun :D

  6. What an amazing collection you have. I love them all. I just discovered a bunch of photos also. Was getting an old camera ready for a yard sale and checked the spare photo storage and found photos I never downloaded to my computer. Out of sight out of mind. Have fun getting it all organized.

    1. It is lovely to find photos that have been forgotten isn't it Carrie? I haven't found any more lost photos but there may still be some lurking somewhere....glad you found yours, I hope they were good ones :)