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Saturday, 1 February 2014

Wingham Wildlife Park revisited.

Cooling off!

I expect a lot of you will remember our last visit to Wingham Wildlife Park a couple of years ago (2011) For some reason it is one of the most popular post on my blog, but I think that is because of that beautiful otter photo… the otters are still there, but were not being photo co-operative on this visit, which was a shame.

I can stand on one leg….


Beautiful flamingos.

Pelican just about to go for a swim.

We visited the park on a beautifully hot day last August, this time my daughter was with us, she loves penguins so she was over the moon to see so many playing Smile

I think they were lining up for a swimming race…

This one just looks bemused..

Take my photo please, I am so handsome Smile

Meerkats yay!!

To our big surprise the park now has just one Red Panda! We love Red Pandas, so it was a real treat to find one so near to us. It is a shame there is only one though, I hope they can find a playmate for this one. He was just so cute, we all wanted to take him home with us!

Finding a good spot in the tree…

….to have a snooze – I love the tongue sticking out Open-mouthed smile

Even the tigers were sleepy.

Because of the heat a lot of the animals were resting or asleep, which was a good plan as far as I could see Smile

My son and I were the only ones that went into the Butterfly house, it was even hotter in there than outside, but worth it

I love butterflies, my daughter hates them..

I am not sure which end is the front of this caterpillar!

Sleepy owls..


So beautiful

This one was wide awake, and as curious about us as we were of him!

Not totally sure what was going on here, but I am guessing the smaller tortoise just didn’t get out of the way in time…..lol

This beautiful parrot seemed to be saying Goodbye to us. We had a lovely day, so nice to remember hot summer days in the middle of Winter.

Stay warm and dry everyone x


  1. You are right there Poppy , lazy hazy days of Summer , this post has jogged our memories I think. The Tortoise made me laugh ! Those parrots are so cute and sometimes love a little scratch, from passing strangers if you dare. Great Post and great shots.Enjoy your weekend xx Sheila x

    1. Hi Sheila, sorry for the delay in posting your comments, I moderate all the comments as, sadly I get a lot of spam. It was a lovely day, we could do with some sun right now!!

  2. Wonderful I did comment oh these Poppy ..?

  3. Hi Poppy thank you of course must have slipped my mind.. Too much rain I think. Have a good weekend and hope you are safe and well. xx

  4. Brilliant, brilliant photos Val I wish I had the skill and the eye to do that, I hope you're getting through this awful winter without problems, it is just too depressing, roll on summer, it had better be a good one and last till December. at least !

  5. Poppy, (Val) thanks for coming by & leaving a comment during a dark time for myself. Appreciate it!
    These certainly are gorgeous pictures of all the animals. Hope all is well, take care! :)

  6. It looks like you're almost on top of that lemur - I remember in Belfast Zoo they fed the lemurs on the public path and didn't seem that bothered about keeping them in their cage. It might be easier to take one of those home rather than a red panda.

    That tortoise should keep his speed down a bit!