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Thursday, 15 January 2015

Deal and Walmer in December.

This set of photos got missed in the Christmas rush, but I thought you might like to see how lovely Deal and Walmer can look, even in December.

One of the beach plots at Walmer, these plots are always well looked after, and there is a real sense of community amongst the people who rent the plots.

Boats on the beach with the pier in the background.

More beach plots, this time nearer to Deal. The addition of the exotic plant growing in the foreground makes this plot a little unusual.

Our lovely pier from the South, it was a beautiful, but cold afternoon.

The pier again, this time taken from the North.

On the pier, looking Southwards to the Castle and Walmer.

I love this view, Deal seafront as seen from the lower deck, looking along the length of the pier.

One of the resident Turnstones on the pier, they are lovely little birds.

The Royal Marines Memorial Bandstand on Walmer Green.

I had a lovely walk, then headed home to light the fire and get a cup of tea. I hope you have enjoyed accompanying me on my walk into town and back.

Keep warm everyone Smile


  1. Thanks Val,
    Loved the walk...what a gorgeous stroll I had. Your photography is amazing..:)

    1. Thank you Beaj :) Glad you enjoyed the walk and the photo, hope all is good with you :)

  2. Everything is good...Thanks for asking. :)

  3. Lovely walk Val and portrayed beautifully in your captures.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it Sheila, it was a lovely afternoon :)