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Sunday, 15 March 2015

Eastbourne Pier

We have had a few days holiday from work, so on Thursday we went down to Eastbourne, mainly to collect some logs, but also to see my sister in law, who said she would treat us all to lunch in The Belgian Cafe. The Belgian Cafe is a lovely place for a meal, the food there is amazing. Almost opposite the cafe is Eastbourne Pier, a very pretty Victorian pier, and of course a very good way to see the whole of Eastbourne seafront from.

Looking West from the Pier, we were surprised to see how the view is very like the view from our Pier in Deal!

I am sure some of you will remember the fire on the Pier last year, which destroyed a Pavilion at the shore end of the pier. I asked if we could have a walk on the pier after our lunch, which we did. The destroyed Pavilion has now been removed, and will be rebuilt, the area of the fire is surrounded by a large blue fence, but the contractors obviously realized that people would like to see what was going on, so a number of ‘peep holes’ have been put in the fence all along, so we could see, and photograph the remains.

The view through one of the viewing windows – the staircase looks very forlorn, but is still standing.

A badly burnt lions head on one of the lamp posts, sad to see Sad smile

The damage to one of the cast iron lamp posts, the Lions head is at railing height.

Looking back to the shore from the end of the Pier, the damaged part can be seen on the left of the photo, surrounded by scaffolding.

The end of the Pier, we can only guess that at one time boats tied up here.

Shops on the Pier.

And finally, nothing to do with the Pier at all – this little squirrel was having great fun in my sister-in laws garden, using the logs as a playground Smile

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  1. Great shots Val , I myself have never been there. Love the cheeky Squirrel.
    Take care and good to read your post today x