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Monday, 26 October 2015

Bodiam Castle, the Interior

Bodiam Castle is a quadrangular (square) shape, with towers at each corner topped with crenellations.  It is unusual in that it does not have a Keep, all the interior buildings were built against the outer defensive walls.

Towers to climb Smile


Graffiti, it looks like it has been there a long time!

The kitchen area

A costumed member of staff giving a talk.

I love looking round ruins, and this one was wonderful, with towers to explore, steep spiral staircases to climb, with spectacular views of the countryside and the inside of the Castle from the battlements.

Beautiful countryside all around.

On the battlements Smile

Looking down into the castle from the top of one of the towers, you can see the fish in the moat.

My husband and sister in law declined to climb the towers, but if I can go up anywhere I will! I had wobbly legs for a few days after our visit, but it was well worth it Smile

I would have loved to see it with all the buildings complete.

Looking towards the main entrance.

You can only imagine what this looked like when the castle was lived in.

The visit to this fantastic castle, and the journey on the steam train from Tenterden, made this a fantastic day out, we all really enjoyed ourselves. Roll on next summer Open-mouthed smile

Holes for pouring boiling water or oil onto intruders.

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  1. Lovely pics as always, Val. We visited Bodiam back in 1992 & then again in 2010. It seemed much smaller the second time, rather like going back to your infant school & finding that the chairs & desks are so much smaller than you remember them :o)