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Saturday, 31 December 2016

End of the Year Blog 2016 Part 2

Russell Gardens, Dover, always a great place to take photos.


Very nice of this bee to pose on a Begonia flower in my garden.

The amazing bells in the tower of St. Mary's Church, Rye.


Glorious sunflowers in the Library garden :)

Wonderful 'sea horses' finial on the new boat building, the Quay, Sandwich.

Dear old Sandwich! My workplace (Library) as seen from St. Peter's Church tower


Ruins of Walmer Place, I will blog about this very soon :)

Wonderful morning making lace in my friends garden :D

A Sky Dog, only the second time I have ever seen one of these.


Rough sea at Deal, as seen from the Pier.

Boats at dusk on the River Stour at Sandwich.

Boats on Walmer beach.


Merlin hiding :)

Tyne Cot Cemetery, Ypres, Belgium, such a moving sight.

Canterbury Cathedral again, I never get tired of walking round there.


Fantastic red sun peeping through the trees, seen on my way to work one day.

A hand made Angel on one of the decorated Christmas Trees in St. Peter's Church, Sandwich.

And finally to finish the year.....

Another sunrise taken on my way to work, taken at the same place as the last one. One of my favourite photos this year.

Wishing everyone reading this a very happy and peaceful 2017, take care all of you :D


  1. Happy New Year Poppy, hope 2017 is a good one for you.

    1. Happy New Year to you too Horst, glad you are still around, I hope things are going ok for you :)