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Thursday, 16 February 2017

The Sea 2007

The sea was not too rough on Walmer Beach, and the sun was shining :)

I realised recently that some of my blog posts were done before I started here on Blogger. For a few years I did my blogging on Windows Live, which was great fun. When Windows Live closed in 2010 I created this page, and I am still enjoying my blogging  here on Blogger.

I love seeing the sea like this, and hearing the noise of the surf as it moves over the shingle.

The South arm of the lower deck of the Pier, used a lot by fishermen in the summer.

I had to get closer to this!

I started looking through my old photos starting around 2007, which is when these photos were taken, and I have found quite a few that I will re-blog over the next few months.

Standing on the main part of the pier looking down, I am glad I was not down there...

Here comes the next big wave..

...whooshing up through the boards and grilles, I almost got wet at this stage!

We live about 2 minutes walk from the seafront, which is fantastic, and we can walk literally for miles in either direction without crossing a single road, to St. Margaret's Bay and on to Dover to the South, and to Sandwich Bay and beyond to the North.

Looking down on to the main part of the lower deck, you can see the holes where the sea has forced the planking up.

Of course we see the sea in all its moods from the quiet gently lapping waves in the Summer to scenes like these in the Winter. I can well remember the howling Easterly Gales hitting our town when I was a child, and on the day I took these photos I just had to walk along the pier braving the wind.

Spectacular sight as the waves push up through the planks and grilles again.

I remember thoroughly enjoying my very windy walk that day :)

These photos were taken on a simple 'point and shoot' camera so the quality may not be so good.I hope you enjoy the photos :)

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