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Monday, 27 November 2017

Wingham Scarecrow Festival 2017

As mentioned in my last blog, the pretty village of Wingham held their 'Scarecrow Trail' earlier this year, I was very lucky that I was able to visit the event as I only found out about it on the day it was on.

The Aliens have landed :)

Dougal and Florence from the Magic Roundabout :)

As with my previous visits, the Scarecrows were amazing, Wingham is a lovely village, well worth visiting at any time, but is definitely enhanced by the Scarecrows :)

The Churchyard had been decorated by the children of the village, with various scenes showing the animals that went on the Ark

Noah and his wife

The lovely Ark :)

And Tigger went too!

Fantastic Mr Fox

'I'm Late, I'm Late' the White Rabbit disappearing down the Rabbit Hole, I really loved this one :D

And here he is again, before he went down that hole :)

Alice and the Cheshire Cat, from Alice in Wonderland.

The King of Hearts, a tiny man compared the The Queen of Hearts below, but he is still smiling, he is obviously not scared that he might lose his head!!

'Guards, off with her head'

The Walrus and the Carpenter.

The Mad Hatter complete with a jam tart :D

Mr Badger and Ratty from The Wind in the Willows.

Tom and Jerry still fighting over the cheese, just lovely :)

Harry Potter playing Quidditch put in an appearance too.

Minions taking a break from the hectic day.

Peeping over a fence :)

The BFG, he really was big :)

and look what he had in his hand!

Finally just a very pretty little scarecrow making sure everyone had a lovely time :)

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  1. Hello Poppy it's been awhile! I'm revisiting my blogroll on Bekkie In Wonderland (the holiday's a good time to do so) and here you are! This looks like a lot of fun I'm not surprised AIW was so popular. I have always wanted to visit the UK but probably will never have the money. Never say never I guess...

    How are you?

    Happy Holidays and a big hug!