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Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Funny start to the year!

January sunrises, almost the same spot, but different mornings..

I realized that I have not done a blog this year but it is only February so I suppose that is not too bad really!!

Who has been sleeping in my bed?? Oh its Loki having a lovely sleep :)

January went by in a flash, mainly because for three weeks I was suffering with the horrible flu that everyone seems to have had, it took two lots of antibiotics to clear the chest infection that the flu left me with, but I am all ok now, thank goodness.

I made these for a lovely friend, Kumihimo braiding, good fun to do and it grows quickly :)

Needless to say not many photos were taken last month, but I did manage to get a few odds and ends which I will share here.

Sunset this time, photo taken from inside my sitting room :)

The Super Moon, as seen through the leaves of our neighbours tree :)

Our other cat Merlin, staring at the radiator because his mum (me!!) hadn't lit the fire!!

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