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Sunday, 8 April 2018

Ramsgate Harbour, Kent

Ramsgate Harbour is the only Royal Harbour in the UK, and is a lovely place to walk round on a sunny day, which is just what my friend and I did in March.

Beautiful boats in the Harbour, and a lovely blue sky to go with it :)

I wonder where some of these boats were going to sail to next?

The Harbour is very busy and picturesque, and is well known for being one of the embarkation points of the 'Little Ships' , the fleet of small boats which crossed the Channel in June 1940 and played such an important part of the evacuation of Dunkirk during WW2. Just under 43,000 men passed through Ramsgate Harbour after being rescued from the beaches of Dunkirk. Those men must have been so happy to see the harbour!

This photo shows the steps up to the promenade, the building in the centre of the photo is The Sailors' Church and Harbour Mission.

Inside the Sailors' Church, the models at the back of Church are beautiful :)

Looking towards the Altar, such a pretty little Church.

The Harbour today is full of privately owned boats and yachts, and is still an important harbour.

We decided to hove our lunch in the local Wetherspoons, which is housed in the former Casino. We were lucky enough to get a table by the windows, this was our view, lovely to see from inside, as you can guess there was quite a wind blowing that day :)

The waves crashing against the Harbour Wall....

....and crashing together to make brilliant photos. the photos have really come out well considering they were taken through glass :)

Lunch over, we went out onto the terrace, this photo taken looking North towards Broadstairs and Margate.

Just one last photo of the amazing waves :)

Finally looking towards the Clock Building from the terrace, the first time I have seen this building from this angle. It now houses the Maritime Museum.

We both enjoyed out visit to Ramsgate, especially as good food was included :)

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