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Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Beijing Revisited - Beihai Park

The photo above was taken in 2011 on my 
first visit to Beijing, I also visited again in 2014 as well as this year. The park is very large at 171 acres, so you can imagine there is plenty to see.

On our first visit to the park back in 2011, we had our lunch in a lakeside restaurant, which was amazing. On both my 2014 visit and this one the Restaurant had closed!! We had walked from the Forbidden City which is only 10 minutes walk away, and we were hungry and thirsty, luckily there was a Restaurant nearby which was full, but we bought our food and sat in a beautiful little Pagoda to eat our food. Looking up we saw this gorgeous ceiling. So much attention to detail in an open Pagoda in a park, amazing :)

More decoration from inside the Pagoda.

We decided to walk right round the Park, where my daughter had told us that there was another Nine Dragon Wall. We had already seen the Nine Dragon Wall in the Forbidden City that morning, but it was lovely to see this one too. This wall had dragons on both sides, unlike the wall in the Forbidden City and, like the Forbidden City Wall it was amazing. I love those dragons :)

My friend Sheila busy taking photos of the Wall.

Even the roof of the Wall has dragons on it :)

As we walked round the Park there were lots of lovely little Pagodas, beautifully decorated inside and out.

Marble walkways everywhere, as befits a former Imperial Garden. The park has been open to the public since 1925, and is one of my favourite places in Beijing. Sadly this time all the Lotus plants appear to have been taken out of the water, they made a beautiful sight last time I was here.

The photos are not the best quality sadly, there was a lot of smog on our visit this time, and, although the smog didn't worry us too much it did affect the photos.

A beautiful little marble bridge.

Another amazing ceiling in one of the buildings, with a Dragon looking down on us :)

I think my daughter said this is a boat restaurant, but I am not totally sure.

Another view of one of the lovely building bordering the lake.

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