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Friday, 26 August 2011

My daughters return and St Augustine’s Abbey, Canterbury.

My daughter got back to the UK safely a couple of weeks ago, it is lovely having her home and being able to talk to her face to face again, even though the house looks like a bomb has hit it!! A small price to pay! We also have Alice’s friend Tash staying with us for a few weeks, so life is very interesting right now.
I thought it was about time for another blog about my camera’s adventures so here goes…Way back at the beginning of June, when it was summer (?!) my son and I had a day out in Canterbury. Nothing unusual about that, but it was nice to think my son who is 16 didn’t mind being seen out with his Mum!! We did the retail therapy bit first, and I wanted to re-visit St. Augustine’s Abbey, a place I haven’t been to for a very long time. Joe (my son) now has my old camera, and this was my first outing with my new camera, so we walked to the Abbey, which is only about a 10 minutes away from the city centre.
There has been buildings on the site since about 598AD, with various alterations and rebuilding over the centuries. Henry VIII was responsible for the destruction of the Abbey although part of the site was rebuilt as a Palace, which was used by Anne of Cleves on her arrival in this country. It is a large site, with the remains of many buildings, it must have been an amazing sight in its heyday.
Joe and I had a lovely hour or so wandering around taking photos, of course we had to compare his photos with mine when we got home. I think mine had the edge, but Joe had managed to climb up places which I couldn’t, so he actually took the best photo of the day – with my old camera.....another photographer in the family?? Competition? Oh Oh!! Only joking, I am pleased that my old camera has found a good home.
We had a lovely day out, my son said he thoroughly enjoyed it, and he would come out taking photos with me again sometime, which is great.


  1. wow. that place looks amazing. thanks for sharing the photos (yours and your son's) with us!

    congrats on the safe return of your daughter. :)

  2. Lovely Val you and your son sure are handy with a camera. It's good to see that he has a buzz for it to. Good your house is full of laughter and your daughter is saftly home. Thank you for sharing Hugs Sheila signed Annoymous having trouble getting in. xx

  3. These old abbeys, often now in villages and small town, leave enough of a footprint on the ground that you can stand back, identify the bits of the church and visualise what they must have been. Often huge churches, of the sort of size you rarely see outside cities nowadays. This one looks like it might have been a bit more normal sized from your pictures though - looks like it was a lovely place

  4. 0299A is my favourite, but they are all really first class and so well presented, I looks a fascinating place, i love these old Abbeys, but it's a bit far for me to visit, I stayed in the Friary on a couple of occasions when I went to Ditton dog show, can't remember exactly where it was though, It was a very peaceful place, and so reasonable.
    I've spent the evening trawling through blogs and FB pages, I don't get time to do it often enough though, I'm lunching at my daughter's tomorrow, so there will be another day gone.
    As I said on my blog Have a Sunny Sunday. off to bed now g'night

  5. Thanks for all your lovely comments, it was a really good day out, enjoyed by both my son and myself. All the photos here are mine, my sons are on his computer but I will see if he will allow me to show you his best shot! I love these old buildings and ruins, they are just steeped in history, which is wonderful. There is far more here than I had remembered, I thought it was a really small site!!

  6. OH my oh My! I loved your pictures! And very happy for you that your girl is back! I have only been to the UK once but seeing your pictures brings memories back although we didn't go visit such lovely places like your pictures are showing!

    Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog post last Monday!

  7. Canterbury looks like a lovely place to be! You & your new camera did a fine job, incredible scenery in a place with so much history!
    Thanks for your recent visit!

  8. Hi Poppy, wonderful images, you seem to have the hang of your new camera! thank you for this walk about St. Augustine’s Abbey, a place I haven''t been, though it looks just my sort of place. Thank you for your words on my post ,they meant a great deal x x

  9. Poppy you are such a good photographer! The images are wonderful and something we don't see here in the USA. What a nice sunny day it was too, just perfect! How have you been my dear? Thanks for visiting my page, you are such a sweetheart! Glad your daughter is back and that all is good for you. It always makes me happy to see you show up on my site and when I get a chance get to visit yours. You always have goodies that I like....good thing your goodies aren't fattening! Tee hee! http://i675.photobucket.com/albums/vv119/Bekkiehere/Images%20With%20A%20Message/3frtggg98.gif ♥

  10. Yes please poppy, I'd love to see your sons photos, look forward to it, please post up on my blog if he lets you.

  11. Congratulations you should visit my site and pick up your blog award. I am passing on the "sunshine award" to you and 9 others on my newest blog. Just copy the instructions on my blog to get your award so you can put it on your site to show it off. I also have linked back to your site on my blog so everyone will be able to get to get to know you. Each person who receives this is asked to pass it on to 10 of your favorite bloggers (or not) but I feel we should pass on the sunshine. Take care! ♥

  12. I've awarded you a Sunshine Blog award, too aren't you the lucky one, please go to This'n'That.blogspot to pick it up X

  13. Must have been wonderful exploring this place. I wish my hubby would use my old camera and take photos. He always claims he was so good. Well then take some photos I always say. Sometime a different perspecitve is good. Have a wonderful week and congratulations on your award.