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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Wingham Wildlife Park




Although the China blogs took a long time to sort out I have still been taking photos, so it is time to catch up a bit on things here in the UK. I ought to point out that all the China photos were taken using a Canon Powershot G9, complete with a cracked screen...oh and there are six tiny screws missing from it too!! I did look for a new camera whilst we were in China, and found an official Canon shop, but they didn’t have the G12 that I wanted so I waited until I got back to this country. I got my new camera at the end of May, and I am busy finding out how it differs from my old model.





I was still using my G9 when the photos for this blog were taken, we had heard that there were tiger cubs at Wingham Wildlife Park (formerly Wingham Bird Park) so, as we had not been there since the children were small we thought we would and see how things had changed there. Wingham is near Canterbury in Kent, in case anyone is wondering!






It was a beautiful day, a lovely sunny May Sunday afternoon and we all thoroughly enjoyed our visit, even though we did not get a good view of the tiger cubs, they were asleep when we found their enclosure!





There are meerkats, parrots, otters, reptiles and a whole host of other animals to see, as well as birds, ducks and even a wombat and a black swan. The whole park is beautifully kept, the animals well looked after, all in all a lovely place for the whole family.




Once again I find I have too many photos for the blog, it is always hard trying to decide

which photos to include and which to leave out!




Too cute for words, but a good way to finish the blog!!


  1. such great photos! all of them are wonderful! glad you didn't cut out any of them!

  2. Oh I love all of these. Really great photos. I know I sometimes can't pick which ones to post sometimes. I try to stay under 10 photos, but find I am going over so often. I don't blog so often so it's hard to sift them down.

  3. Well all of these are great shots with your G9 Poppy. Fantastic day out thanks for sharing. Hugs Sheila :) x

  4. Sorry for the tardiness Poppy, but I've let my replies slip a little.... but what stunning pictures, the first and the last especially. as Sheila says, a fantastic day out.
    I haven't been there, in fact the last time I was at Canterbury was about 30years ago,

  5. Thanks for the comments everyone :) I think you can see we had fun with the animals :) Arlene, I like the first and last photos best too!!

  6. Hello. I thought I'd pop over after your comment on my James Purefoy post and oh my goodness!!! Greeted with a cute otter face - can't get much better than that.

    Your critter photos are absolutely wonderful. That snowy owl with fuzzy feet is stealing my heart. I'm a Canon user too.

  7. These are superb! That otter just steals my heart!!

  8. Hello Poppy, do you know if visitors are allowed to take pictures without buying a special ticket? Thank you :D

  9. Anonymous, you have to pay to go into the park then you can take photos all around :)