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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

My sons photos of St Augustine’s Abbey



Yes, its me lying on the grass!!

Some of you asked to see the photos taken by my son on our day out, so here, with my sons permission are a few of his photos. Let me know what you think!


Me again, such a lovely day Smile



A great photo, because my son was climbing on top of the ruins where he was allowed to, I never got up to this viewpoint. The best picture taken by either of us on the day Smile





Taken from the top of a wall…



I never even saw this!

All the above photos were taken by my son with no advice from me. I have adjusted the lighting etc in the same way that I edit my photos. I think I have serious competition in the photography stakes don’t you??

Well done Joe, now remind me again why I gave you my old camera???? haha xxxx


  1. they are really well done! laughed at the first one! precious! the 2nd one of you - with the touches of shadow coming in on the sides - is wonderful! great job!

  2. Your son did a great job of these photos. They are all very well composed. You make a great team. You look great in these photos, Poppy. What a Beautiful Place to take photos. Wish I were there. :)

  3. Fantastic sense of history in these photo's Poppy, making them a pleasure to view, and to see you too. May thanks for The Sunshine Award, sorry to take so long to drop round but things have been a tad manic, and I've only just recovered my breath. hugs to you and yours. xPenx

  4. Great Poppy he did a wonderful Job he is taking a leaf out of his mothers book. It looked like a lovely day enjoyed by all. Thank you for the reward also hugs Sheila and Wile-e x:)