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Friday, 23 September 2011

Broadstairs, Kent.

The view from the cliffs
Broadstairs is a lovely little town on the Isle of Thanet, it is sandwiched between Ramsgate and Margate, and is the prettiest of the the three towns. It spreads around Viking Bay which is a lovely sandy bay as you can see from the photos.
Viking Bay
Bleak House in the background.
Walking down to the harbour.
It was a lovely day in July when we visited the town, we parked the car and walked into the town along the top of the cliffs, with the whole bay opening up before us. It is a lovely beach and is very popular with families because it has a lovely sandy beach which is enjoyed by children, including big children like me!!
The Bay from the harbour.
Bleak House is probably the most famous building in the town, Charles Dickens spent long summer holidays here from 1837 - 1859. He wrote a lot of David Copperfield in the house, and the house was the inspiration for Bleak House. The house used to be open to the public but sadly it no longer is. I have never been round it, which is a shame, looks like I missed my chance!
Figureheads on the buildings.
The Tartar Frigate, visited a few times in my youth!!
We strolled round the bay, enjoying the sun, stopped and had a coffee and a piece of cake, just like holiday makers do, but it is a lovely place to visit at any time of the year. We only had a short time there but really enjoyed our visit.
Bleak House showing above the rooftops.
Walking back..
Have a good weekend everyone Smile


  1. a very colorful beachfront. lovely blue skies and waters!

  2. Lovely Poppy it looks wonderful have a lovely weekend to. Hugs Sheila xxand Wile-e :)

  3. What an interesting little town, loved the figure heads, especially The Scotsman, of course. Pity about |Bleak House, It's surprising someone didn't try and have it preserved.
    Thanks for visiting the joke site, you help keep it going. Hugs Arlene tango and Ruby

  4. Hope you have a good weekend too and it is nice too see those people at the beach!


  5. Ahem. I beg to differ about Broadstairs being the prettiest of the 3 towns. Have you seen Ramsgate harbour & the beaches from either the top of the east cliff or the west cliff ? And what about Albion Gardens & the waterfall ?

    Humph !!! :o)

  6. Ooooh Pat, sorry! I agree Ramsgate Harbour is gorgeous, I don't know the Albion Gardens or the waterfall, so maybe you could show them to me sometime? I will of course take photos and share them on here. I am happy for you to prove me wrong :):)

  7. I have not been to Broadstairs since I was a young teenager. I remember a shop that used to sell stones, they got me started on a hobby of stone polishing that lasts to this day.
    Family used to alternate between there and Herne Bay for weekly beach outings. Miss those days but it always seems such an effort to arrange yet just think how much more it took to get 3 cars, kids, picnic and deckchairs, not to mention Uncles Walters wooden leg, organised for the 2 hour plus journey on those old country roads. Nowadays it only takes 50 minutes to get there but still I make excuses about it being too far!

  8. What a beautiful place...amazing shots!