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Sunday, 19 February 2012

Donkeys and a Church



Working where I do is great, I get to meet all sorts of lovely, very interesting people. Last Saturday a lady came in asking about a Paul Gallico book, The Small Miracle. While I was trying to track down the book for her I was chatting to her, she helps to look after some miniature donkeys quite near where I work, and she showed me some photos of the donkeys and the babies that have been born over the last few weeks. She also said that now is a good time to see the donkeys as the hedges are bare of leaves. I really like donkeys, they are such lovely animals, so I thought I would go and see if I could find them, and of course get some photos!



When I left work I had a decision, do I wait until Sunday to go and see the donkeys or do I take a small detour on my way home and go and see the donkeys while the sun was shining? No contest really, one small detour later I found the donkeys and their babies, they are just gorgeous. Because the sun was shining straight at me some of the photos are not fantastic, but I think you will be able to enjoy them. There is something very special about donkeys I think, and the ones I saw were just lovely.




A few photos later I thought I ought to head home. I had planned to drive home the country route, and had the way mapped in my head. The roads there are single track country roads, so passing can sometimes be a little bit tricky. I wanted to turn right at the junction but there was a car waiting to turn out so instead I carried straight on, following another car. You can see that there was still some snow around so it was a slow drive.




Round the bend in the road I found this church….I have lived in this area most of my life and have never seen  this, or even know it was there! Out came the camera again, I took the photos and went home very happy to have seen the donkeys and the lovely little church. I have since been told that the church is a de-commissioned one and is now a private house…..ooops! And there I was walking all over their garden……although having said that, their garden is also a churchyard complete with graves so I suppose some sort of access must be allowed. It was a good thing I didn’t try to go into the building!!





  1. I love 'onkeys :o) Nice pics, Val, just as you promised. And, as you now know, you're not the ONLY one to walk around that church without knowing - at the time - that it was a private house !!

    1. Yeah thanks for telling me :) Mrs stripey socks, I will see you tomorrow :) xx

  2. oh wow! the church is now a residence?! ha!

    those donkeys are adorable!!!

    1. Thank you and I am glad you enjoyed them so much xx

  3. Great photos, Poppy. The church was beautiful, hope the new residence is well kept like the church was kept. The grounds are just beautiful. Love the Donkey's, the babies are so cute.

    1. Thanks Horst, I was only out there for about an hour but I came home feeling very refreshed by both the donkeys and the Church. I love those babies :)

  4. Love that church and churchyard ..... the donkeys too!!!

  5. Lovely pics! I especially love the church in the snow. It's beautiful.

  6. Great shots what a great day and oh those Donkey's I just love them, and you where luck enough to see their babies to. You made me laugh about the old Church , good job you didn't try to peer into the windows. Hugs Sheila hope you have a good week.

  7. Beautiful series but I have to be honest, Poppy....when I saw that title I thought "Add a shotgun, a keg of beer and a pregnant bride and you got the makings of a redneck wedding!"

    I now, I know........go stand in the corner.

    1. Tut tut Chip!!! LOL no don't go stand in the corner, your comment really mad me laugh, so thanks for that, please pop by again :D xx

  8. When fishes flew and forests walked
    And figs grew upon thorn,
    Some moment when the moon was blood
    Then surely I was born;

    With monstrous head and sickening cry
    And ears like errant wings,
    The devil's walking parody
    On all four-footed things.

    The tattered outlaw of the earth,
    Of ancient crooked will;
    Starve, scourge, deride me: I am dumb,
    I keep my secret still.

    Fools! For I also had my hour;
    One far fierce hour and sweet:
    There was a shout about my ears,
    And palms before my feet.
    I want to cry when I read this poem about donkeys, I just love them, they are so badly treated in some countries, The Donkey Sanctuary in Devon is a pet charity of mine.
    The church/residence was quite fascinating, fancy you not knowing it was there, maybe it was a magic one that was only visible once every hundred years. I don't know that I'd want a garden full of graves, I certainly wouldn't be doing any double digging. Loved the post.

    1. Thank for the beautiful poem Arlene, and I hate to hear of some of the things that happen to donkeys too, did you see the pic of the one by the great wall?? He looked well looked after, but must have to climb up the mountain every day..

  9. Great shots!
    The donkeys are so cute, love them!
    Wonderful, old church you found.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Wish you a day.

  10. On the TV yesterday I did see that in Devon they have re-introduced a donkey for delivering shopping up the hill, I can't recall what village it was, it used to be the mode of delivery many years ago, But I bet the donkey was very well cared for. such lovely creatures., so abused in foreign countries, though through the efforts of SPANA it's improved.

    1. Arlene, I wonder if the place in Devon is Clovelly? Years ago when we visited Clovelly, the donkeys would carry you up the hill for a fee. We didn't think it was fair on the donkeys, so we walked up, and it is steep! At the time we had a Jack Russell, so we used to fight as to who held his lead because he would help get you up that hill!!! He was a lovely little dog :):) Check out this link about the Clovelly donkeys: http://www.clovellydonkeys.co.uk/
      You may have to copy and paste the above, but it looks a lovely site :)xx

  11. thanks a lot for this amazing trip!
    congrats and greetings from Madrid,

  12. What beautiful pictures! The donkeys are so sweet, I can't believe the church is a private residence how fantastic to live there :-)