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Sunday, 11 March 2012

The end of an era, Richborough Power Station, Kent.


The towers taken from Richborough Castle (Roman)

This morning at 9am the Cooling Towers and chimney at Richborough Power Station were blown up to make way for a new Green Energy Plant. I decided I wouldn’t go along as I feel quite sad to see them go, they have been a landmark in this area for the whole of my life. I did however think you might like to see some now historic photos, taken in 2008 and last week, just to show how the towers fitted into the landscape around here. For me the towers will be missed, it would be nice if whatever is built on the site becomes a landmark in its own right, only time will tell, but it will never be the same driving to Ramsgate again…


My daughter and husband, Richborough Castle



I love this one, the (very) old and the new, so pleased I got this photo when I did!


The cooling towers and Pegwell Bay



Looking towards the towers from the road just past Richborough Castle.



  1. Sad to see a familiar silhouette in the horizon gone, even if it was not a work of art :/
    will they build something else in it's place or will it be left to Nature to fill the gap?
    Cool photos !!!
    Hugs from an ex nelf druid....

  2. Similar happened down our way when they blew up the towers of a local nuclear power plant - though unsightly, you do get used to them as part of the scenery and in a bizarre kind of way miss them when they're gone.

    1. Hey Sandy! Nothing like blowing up parts of a N-power plant!! A new and novel way to split the atoms was it?!!! ;)

  3. Always a great pleasure to visit your lovely site Poppy :) You captured some fantastic photos there...I can kind of see why you were sad to lose the towers. They looked so part of the scenery that it must look quite lost without them. Funny how industrial things can make such an impact and not always in a negative way :)

  4. So glad to see some good pics of them still standing. I did watch the news and saw them being detonated. Didn't it look spectacular and shows just how much thought goes into the way they collapse.

  5. I saw them being taken down even here in America. I'm sorry you're losing something that has been around you for a long time. All your photos are beautifully framed. Thank goodness you took pictures before they disappeared.

  6. Great shots Val while they are still standing, such a shame.
    Hugs Sheila xx