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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Hever Castle


IMG_6772AOur first view of the castle Smile 

Hever Castle is quite simply my favourite Castle, there may be other fabulous castles in different parts of the country or the world but I think it would take a lot to beat this wonderful place.


Approaching the castle past the amazing topiary.



We had a happy day last month when my friend Sheila and I gave our cameras another outing and went to Hever Castle for the day. The weather was not fantastic but that didn’t worry us, we had a great time anyway!!




The moat and part of the Tudor Village.

I have decided to do two blogs on Hever, this one will be mainly the Castle, the next one will show the gardens and grounds.



Part of the Tudor Village.


Hever Castle is probably best known as being the childhood home of Anne Boleyn, the second wife of Henry VIII. The castle was started in 1270 and has had various periods of care and neglect, one period of care was when the Boleyn family owned the Castle, and another was in 1903 when William Waldorf Astor bought the Castle and did extensive restoration. One of the reasons I love this castle so much is because you could walk into it and live there very comfortably.


The Virginia Creeper looked wonderful in the autumn sunshine Smile



The yew maze and Tudor Village from the gardens.

The interior of the castle is just magnificent, the carvings on the ground floor, some of which I believe were done by Grinling Gibbons, are just amazing, you can also view Anne Boleyn’s bedroom and a wonderful Long Gallery. Photos are not allowed inside the Castle but I have included some photos here of the sight that greets you when you walk across the drawbridge, which is a total surprise the first time you see it. I have also just read that Hever Castle has the oldest original working portcullis in England!


The portcullis.


The beautiful courtyard Smile


You will notice the Tudor Village near the Castle, this is a range of mock Tudor buildings, used for conferences. The village was built by the Astor’s and blends beautifully with the older buildings.

Val on drawbridge

Me on the drawbridge, courtesy of my friend Sheila Smile


  1. the gardens are beautiful, but that splash of red ivy steals the show. :)

  2. What a magnificent Castle, absolutely beautiful. If I ever get to the UK, I will definitely visit this place.

  3. This looks an absolute treat as castles go - so different from a Scottish castle of the same time. Looks to be in perfect condition too.

  4. That's Beautiful Val that must have been a treat for you and your friend.
    Love the Virginia Creeper so pretty, must have taken years.
    Enjoy your Posts as always.
    Hugs Sheila

  5. I love Hever Castle, thanks for sharing your visit.

  6. Indeed a beautiful Castle. The Virginia Creeper is amazing! At first sight I thought, who would put red paint on like that! Glad your getting out & about...

    : )

  7. Oh Poppy, thanks for sharing these images, how wonderful, i adore tudor buildings and Anne Boleyn has to be one of my favourite figures from history. Now added to my "Places to go list". How beautiful are the virginia creeper colours too.