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Friday, 9 November 2012

Tonbridge Castle


The Gatehouse.

Yes, another castle, it seems to be the year for Castles and stately homes for me this year! Tonbridge Castle was started in the 11th century. It is a Motte and Bailey Castle but sadly only the Gatehouse remains. We visited in October on our weeks holiday, and this one was my husbands choice. However you know me by now, anywhere different that I can take photos is just fine by me Smile


The Castle taken from the bridge over the River Medway.


Looking down towards Tonbridge town fro the steps leading up to the Castle.


The Gatehouse from outside the Castle.


I had never been either to Tonbridge or the Castle before, so it was a new experience all round. Tonbridge is a pretty little town on the River Medway, and we were lucky that once again the sun was shining. After a quick look round the town we made our way to the Castle. The site is on a hill above the town and although there is not much of the castle left the setting is lovely.


I liked this statue.


The ground level room, showing the staircase going up in the corner.


The cellar room.


Hmm well my husband went down there..

The Gatehouse is open to the Public, the key is held in the Tourist Information Office nearby. We were the only visitors at this time which was really nice. The entrance is on the ground floor, with stairs leading up to the first floor, and down to the cellars, we chose to go down first to the cellar, there are various display cases in this room and while I was busy taking photos my husband disappeared….now where did he go? Ah where does this big door lead to?? It lead to a very dark passage, which in turn lead to a couple of very dark rooms with models of store men working. I have to say it was pretty spooky down there, so I made sure I left at the same time as my husband!! We then went back up to the ground floor and took the spiral staircase to the first floor, a lovely big room stretching right across the tower. This would have been where the soldiers lived and defended the Castle. There are arrow slits in the walls and glass covered holes in the floor, which used to be where the boiling oil and other things could be poured down if any enemies managed to get through the portcullis. The portcullis is no longer there but the site of it is cleverly shown on the wall using lights.


The spooky room at the end of the dark passage.


So this is where they keep the wine!


Looking down the spiral staircase.


Looking up the spiral staircase.

Up another staircase to a gallery and some smaller rooms including the garderobe (the wardrobe and the toilet!) which also had a model showing how the garderobe  was used haha.


Arrow slits in the first floor room.



The first floor room showing the position of the portcullis and the holes in the floor.


I noticed the staircase went up again, oh goody it led to the roof! You all know I like getting onto the roofs of places I visit if I possibly can so I left my husband to go back down to the first floor while I went up to the roof. As always when you are at a height like that, the view is amazing. This is the only roof I have been on this year, I must be slipping!!


The Garderobe, I wonder how long this poor guy has been sitting here??


On the roof Smile


Looking down over part of Tonbridge.

We made our way down to the ground floor and left the building. The Gatehouse is only small but it was well worth a visit, it is in a beautiful setting and we walked back to the car along the riverbank. Another really nice day out Smile


The Castle and bridge from the riverside.


A colourful narrow boat on the river.


  1. Wow, a fantastic visit Poppy. We don't have anything like this gatehouse in my part of the world. Thanks so much for having us come along.

    1. Thanks Horst, it was a very interesting place to visit :) I have one more castle to blog about, I am working on that one now, it is Hever Castle and it is my favourite Castle ever :)

  2. A lovely Autumnal day out :o) We've never been to Tonbridge Castle, but we did drive past it once, YEARS ago. I remember saying to Shaun - look, there's a castle. Oh, wait. We've gone past it !!! :o)

    Great pics as always, Val.

    Cya on Wednesday !! :o)

    1. You can't see much of it from the road can you? It was very interesting but that cellar room was a bit creepy. I said this to one of the ladies in the Tourist Information Office when we took the key back. She said 'you were brave going down there, no way would I go go down there' hmmmm maybe the creepy atmosphere is well known then?

      Hever Castle next Pat :)

      Looking forward to seeing you both xxx

  3. 10/10 FOR THIS BLOG. such great photos,i like the ones done inside.


    1. Thanks Peter :)It was good for taking photos inside, except for that creepy cellar lol

  4. Ooo .... this makes me want to visit as we have never been. Looking forward to seeing the Hever Castle blog as it is one of our fsvourites too. It is my little granddaughters favourite too, so much so that, aged 2.5 years, she asked her Daddy to buy it so the family could live there LOL

    1. I am getting the Hever Castle photos ready Liz, I just LOVE the story of your granddaughter, she has very good taste :D:D