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Friday, 14 December 2012

Christmas Tree Festival, St Peter’s Church, Sandwich.



Ducks Smile


The Money Tree.

I expect some of you will remember my visit to this lovely festival last year, last week I went to see this years festival, which was equally as lovely as last years. This year the Church has had a lot of work done on it, generally cleaned up and ramps have been put in to allow wheelchair visitors to access all of the Church. The renovations have been beautifully done, and once again the Church made a wonderful, if very cold setting for the numerous decorated trees.


The Prayer Tree in front of the Fire Engine.




The inventiveness of some of the tree ‘dressers’ is always amusing to see, this year it ranged from a ‘money’ tree, to a sunflower tree, but all the trees were beautifully decorated. There are 3 categories, which you are invited to vote for your favourite tree, It is a very hard task, as a lot of work has gone into each one.





The funds raised for entry to the exhibition will go towards more work that still needs to be done to this beautiful church. Heating I know is high on the list, and much needed, but there are also plans to to incorporate a kitchen and a bathroom facilities. The church has a large group of ‘friends’ who work tirelessly to raise funds for the various projects, and it is good to know that any money raised goes to a good cause.



The Shoe Tree



Gingerbread men Smile

I hope you enjoy the photos, the exhibition is a lovely way to start the Christmas festivities Smile


The Roses Tree


Finally, the smallest tree in the exhibition, lovely idea Smile


  1. Beautiful trees. I love the minimalist one - someone has a sense of humour :o)

    See you on Wednesday !!!!

  2. They've got a christmas tree festival in the church in Kirkcudbright. I've not been this year but was at the one last year - it was much in the same vein as this one.
    I like the minimalist tree :)

  3. They all look really nice. Bit surreal not seeing folk milling around, makes it seem that the trees just turmed up of their own account!

  4. Really pretty Val a good way to start Christmas, the Shoe Tree was one of my Favourites.

  5. How fun to see all these lovely creations and to get in the holiday spirit. Merry Christmas.

  6. Lovely to see how other churches hold their tree festivals

  7. Wow, I missed the email ping for this Val, but what a feast for the eyes, what a lot of work must have gone in to these decorations, truly lovely and thank you for sharing.

  8. I have never seen so many Christmas tree in one place. Had to laugh at the minimalist tree. So much creation in even decorations on the trees.