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Sunday, 2 June 2013

Bits and bobs


Our friendly Robin, gathering food for his chicks maybe?

Finally a blog from me, I am still here and still taking photos, but it has been a bit hectic with my daughter doing her final exams and things like that. My daughter has now finished University, just waiting to see if she has passed her degree (I am sure she has!) and what grade she will get, then she will be on the job hunting cycle.


St Peters Garden in Sandwich, starting to look very summery


My daughter and I went down to Rye last month to meet my sister in law on my daughters birthday. My daughter spotted this pigeon in the wall of the Landgate, maybe he is the gate keeper?


Also in Rye we spotted this lovely mouse done in wrought iron, isn’t it lovely?


Elevenses Smile we always start our day in this lovely little tea room, and yes it might be a little early for a cream tea, but who cares??? We go on to do a bit of shopping and have our lunch in The Mermaid, we call this our ‘Ladies wot lunch day’ because there is more food than anything else throughout the day!


The Mermaid, Rye, East Sussex


Mermaid Street, Rye, East Sussex


From my garden, a pansy decorated with rain drops. Like everyone else we have had our fair share of rain over the last few months, we want sunshine and summer but not sure we will get any summer again this year..


I found this flag flying from the beach huts up on the seafront near us. I was on my way to the hairdressers, got engrossed taking photos and ended up being 5 minutes late for my appointment. I lose track of time when I am taking photos…ooops


Strawberry plants in the Library Garden, such a pretty colour


Pansies  in St Peters Church Garden, so cheerful on a dull day.


I spotted this from my garden the other evening, for some reason it appealed to me.


Finally, the yummy scrummy early birthday cake that my lovely friend Pat made for me on Wednesday, in spite of the fact that she has so much on her plate just now!!

Thank you again Pat, you are a Star Open-mouthed smile xx


  1. Val, I'm sure cream teas can be taken at any time of the day. It's a bit difficult to see past that just now - at nearly eleven on a night shift it's brought on slightly ravenous feelings and still an hour to dinner. The cake at the end looks good too - is that strawberries and cream in there :) - but other great things as well, especially the wee mouse. My daughter has just passed her first year at the uni, I never doubted it, fingers crossed for your daughters last year results - sounds like you're not doubting it either :) Now sons - they're a completely different kettle of fish!!!!

  2. I agree Sandy, cream teas can be and are eaten at any time lol I have made myself hungry too, I bet you will enjoy your dinner when you get it :) Well done to your daughter, my daughter has really worked hard this year, so no, I am not doubting it really, of course you never know do you? I have a son too, and yes, they are a totally different kettle of fish......lol Hope the rest of the shift goes quickly for you. Take care :)

  3. PS, yes it was Strawberries and cream in the cake, it was totally gorgeous!! :D

  4. Just in case I don't here from you for a while, HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Have a good one POPPY.

    1. Thank you Horst :D My birthday was on Sunday, the weather was beautiful, I had a lovely lazy day :D

  5. Lovely post Val, hope your girl get top marks.......you will be so proud.


    1. Thanks Peter, I will let you all know how she gets on at the beginning of July :)

  6. Lovely photos as always, Val. It amazes me how you manage to get such close ups of birds & animals. I also love the pic of the evening shadow from your garden - the colour of the sun as it goes down, casting shadows on walls & pavements etc really appeals to me, too :o)

    Glad you enjoyed the cake - it WAS rather yummy, even if I do say so myself :o) Strawberries that actually tasted like strawberries, they had to be from Kent, didn't they ?! :o)

    Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow - but don't forget it's a bit later than usual, cos 'imself has an appt. at 9.30sm :o)

    1. Thanks Pat, and don't worry I haven't forgotten about tomorrow, will aim to get to you about 10am or so :)x

  7. Hi Poppy, you posted a comment on my blog so here is my reply:
    Hi Poppy, sounds like an interesting idea, the only problem is that I use Adobe Photoshop CS3 not Paintshop. There are numerous tutorials out in the internet, one just has to query a search engine like Google to find them. Which photo manipulation program do you use? If you don't use one then maybe you should try Gimp2, it is a very powerful photo editor and it is free. I learned how to use Adobe Photoshop CS, so I like it the best.

  8. Great photos! I especially love the one of the pansy with the water droplets--so pretty! And I really like the building with shadows cast across it. I can see why it appealed to you : ]

    Happy Birthday!

  9. Oh Cream tea Lovely , plenty down here in Cornwall yum. What a beautiful array of photo's and the shadow across the building , yes I can see the attraction there . The Robin what a great capture well done.
    Carry on enjoying yourself and taking great pictures. Hope you had a Fab Birthday Val.
    Hugs Sheila xx