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Monday, 21 April 2014

St Mildred’s Church, Tenterden, Kent.

We had a family day out in March to Tenterden, in the Weald of Kent, a beautiful little town with wide streets, and nice shops to spend our money in. Visible from just about everywhere is the Church, and as I think most of you know, churches are like magnets for me, so we had to have a look round.

Approaching the church

My son on the left lighting a candle Smile

The beautiful lectern, I think it is made of brass.

St Mildred’s Church is a Medieval building dating from about 1180, with various additions and alterations taking place over the centuries, including a complete restoration of the building which took  place in 1864.

The church is beautiful inside, spacious, and welcoming with the sense of peace that is present in most churches. There are some beautiful carvings, on the barrel shaped roof, the pulpit and the Rood screen. The sun was shining through the stained glass windows filling the church with wonderful muted colours.

The amazing roof

The pulpit.

We all enjoyed the visit to this beautiful church, and to this lovely town. I need to go back and get some photos of the rest of the town. The photo below is of The Lemon Tree, a lovely restaurant where we had lunch and returned later for tea and cakes Smile


  1. It is a lovely little town, and the church, it's endless.

    1. I agree Bob, the town is lovely and so is the Church :)

  2. wow! how pretty - that ceiling is neat!

    thanks for coming by, val!

  3. Lovely little town the Church is beautiful such craftmanship.

    1. I agree Sheila, every Church I visit is the same but very different if you know what I mean! With a church in every village, town and many churches in the cities I think I will always find something to take photos of don't you? :)