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Sunday, 4 May 2014


Medieval characters in the Canterbury Tales

Canterbury is a fascinating City, there is always something new to see, and of course there are some lovely shops and cafe’s!

This manikin was a bit scary I think!

Thursday last week my friend Pauline and I had a day in Canterbury, a mixture of sightseeing, shopping and eating. I had never been to the ‘Canterbury Tales’ Visitor Attraction, and as the weather was not being very kind to us we decided to start the day with a visit there.

The Wife of Bath about to tell her Tale

The attraction is based on the famous Canterbury Tales which were written by Geoffrey Chaucer, and consists of various tableaux accompanied by a shortened but funny adaptation of the various characters tales. It is very well done, we enjoyed the visit.

Greyfriars House

I had told Pauline about the Greyfriars House, so next we made our way there. My last visit was in December, so this time it was lovely to see this beautiful building in the Spring, even if the sun was not shining. The building was closed so we couldn’t go inside, even so it is worth a visit. In front of the building is a wild flower meadow, which is just starting to grow, so maybe next time we visit this will be in bloom.

Looking towards the street from the Crypt, Eastgate Hospital

The Crypt, Eastgate Hospital – the walls really do lean that much!

We then wandered back into town where we did just a small bit of shopping then went to Boho’s restaurant, where we had a lovely lunch.  After our lunch we visited the Eastgate Hospital, built c.1175, another place I had never been to, or if I had it was so long ago I had forgotten it!

The beautiful fresco in the large Hall, Eastgate Hospital.

The amazing Medieval Roof in the Chapel, Eastgate Hospital.

The Chapel, Eastgate Hospital

We had a lovely day, there is plenty more to explore in Canterbury, so I expect there will be more Canterbury blogs in the future.

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  1. Hi Val, told you I was coming over, I expected you to have the kettle on at least, never mind, maybe next time, I recall you mentioned going to Canterbury on FB, I said I last went there around 1981, but by the age of some of these places there, especially the hospital, an absence of 30+ years is nothing, eh? That Visitor attraction of Canterbury Tales looks real spooky, don't know that I'd fancy that. That hospital is quite a talking point I'll bet, and there'll be many witty remarks about the patients trying to walk a straight line, Super informative post with lovely pictures Val, I hope you get more visitors. Byeeee