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Saturday, 21 June 2014

Deal Classic Car and Motor Show

You may remember that I went to this show a couple of years ago, for some reason I missed last years event, but I did get to this years one. I was very surprised to find that the show is about three times bigger than it was two years ago!

There was a great variety of all sorts of vehicles, plus stalls of various items, and live music. It was a beautiful summer Sunday, and the crowds of people were making the most of the weather, and maybe dreaming about owning one of these beauties Smile

I spent a good hour wandering round, just enjoying the atmosphere and marvelling at the attention some of the cars get from their owners! The homemade Fudge stall and the book stalls got quite a lot of my attention as well as the amazing array of vehicles.

Some of the vehicles on show were amazing even to my untrained  eyes, there was even a DeLorean on show, but there were so many people milling around it that I couldn’t get a good photo.

I really wouldn’t like to say which car I liked the most, but I did see a car very similar to one that my Dad used to have. He owned a 1933 Aero Minx, which is no longer in the family. It was great fun going round the town with my Dad in that car…it even had pump up leather seats!! Happy Days Smile


  1. Oh yes, beautriful cars in your photos Val.

  2. Lovely day out Val I think I would like a drive in the 5 th picture Yay! Great Shots .