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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Flower Festival, St Mary The Blessed Virgin, Woodnesborough, Kent


Looking towards the Altar

The colourful children’s area.

Flowers round the pulpit.

Back in May my friend and I spent a lovely afternoon at the Flower Festival held in St Mary The Blessed Virgin Church in Woodnesborough, which is a small village near Sandwich. I have seen the Church on many occasions but have never had the chance to have a look round or take photos, and, as both my friend and I enjoy Flower Festivals in beautiful surroundings we had a lovely afternoon.

We loved this teapot Smile

Just lovely Smile

The beautiful embroidered and quilted Altar cloth.

The Church is surrounded by trees on top of a small hill, it was built in 1180 on the top of Woden’s Hill, which is where the name of the village came from.


Theses crosses were carved into the pillars by pilgrims making their way to the Thomas a Becket shrine in Canterbury.

Another amazing roof.

One of the window displays.

A lovely sight while we were having out tea and scone Smile

Going through the main door we were met with a beautiful, colourful sight. The church is lovely, and was beautifully enhanced by the amazing flowers on display.

Another view of the flowers round the pulpit.

One of the beautiful stained glass windows.

We had a really good look round this beautiful little church taking our photos, chatting to the organisers and generally soaking up the lovely atmosphere, and ended our visit by enjoying a cup of tea and a scone sitting in one of the pews.

Real and crocheted flowers in this bouquet.

When we left the church we wandered round the outside then crossed the road to the churchyard, where we saw the little Robin. Our visit was a lovely way to spend a pretty miserable Sunday afternoon.




  1. Beautiful church, but I love the stained glass windows.

    1. I love stained glass windows too Bob :)

  2. Great photos Poppy. Wish we had wonderful traditions like this one. Beautiful church as well. We don't have churches like this here in western Canada.

    1. Thanks Horst, we are very lucky with our beautiful old churches, they are not all this nice though sadly. My next blog will be about another church which we visited the same day, sadly it is need of a bit of TLC. Hope you are keeping well :)

  3. In western Canada our oldest churches are made of wood and are no older than 100 years old. The ones that are made of stone are only in big cities and the oldest are in eastern Canada.

    1. I would love to see some photos of your churches Horst if you have any to share :)

  4. Great Val I love the Flower displays Beautiful. Churches are so interesting , and I love the stained glass windows.